Today we went to Fareway and I tried to round and keep track of how much I was spending. Some items I rounded up, some down to hopefully get close. I was guessing $71 or $72. My total was $71.49. I was pretty impressed with myself. Apparently enough so that I felt the need to blog about it.

We are in the process of switching from our Verizon plan (who I have been with since I was 16 – 11 years!) to t-Mobile pay as you go because it’s a much better deal for us. We really don’t need as many minutes as we did on Verizon’s lowest family plan. I got phones at Target last week and went to exchange Mike’s. I had bough him the cheapest phone, thinking he’s upgrade to an unlocked iPhone when he had the money, but he decided not to and wanted a keyboard. The cheapest with a keyboard (like mine) was sold out. And on sale. Wal-Mart wouldn’t match it because it wasn’t in the paper ad. Butts. So Mike is phoneless until I figure out what to do…cuz I’m cheap and don’t want to pay $10 extra at WM. We can switch out the SIM cards on my phone and check his stuff though, I guess. Mine is still in the process of acquiring my Verizon and isn’t working to make calls/texts. They screwed it up the first time, so only Mike’s got moved. Here’s hoping it gets done today! I’m tired of carrying 2 phones (my old and new) never knowing which will ring at me. And that’s my phone saga, in case anybody cared.

Mike’s been having a rough few weeks. :(  Not feeling well. I hate it. There’s nothing I can do to make him feel better and that just stinks. Christmas will probably make it worse because he always needs a day or two to recover from events like that.

Ki is reading like gangbusters! He’s starting to pick up books on his own and read them, instead of me making him spend time reading. LOVE it! He reads to Ella a lot, which is adorable (and handy). 😉

Ella is a little chatterbox/copycat/nut. She is too funny. She basically follows Ki around and makes messes all day. And colors and begs to paint. Cute girly.

I’m getting close on Christmas presents. I’ve slacked the past few evenings. I’m down to the boring finishing touches. I need to buckle down and finish up tonight! Hopefully. Almost a week early, though! This is improvement.

snuggle bug

Oh, EwwaLee, pretty as can be… You have been sick the past few days. You had 3 days with a high fever and were very emotional, clingy and sleepy. Other than that, you seemed fine. (Still eating, not throwing up or stuffed up/runny nose.) I figured you were teething. What else could it be? (You still only have 6 chompers.) Then on day four, your fever seemed to be fine, but you got a rash on your back, belly, chest, neck and up onto your face a bit. Heat rash? Maybe. We went to Gramma’s that evening (yesterday) and Gramma the genius guessed it was Roseola.  She read the symptoms and it was EXACTLY how you’d been.

Today you are doing better… No fever and a bit less of a rash. Still whiney and clingy though. Seriously. You don’t even know what you want. Uppuh, down, cry, uppuh… Mom’s coping mechanism? Coffee. Maybe it’s good you and Ki were such fabulous babies! Otherwise I may have spent far too much on coffee. Monday and today (Wednesday) I’ve put you in the carrier and we (Ki included) walked the 20+ minutes to get coffee and back. You’re pretty happy out on walks. I was going stir crazy inside pacing around!

Here’s hoping you’re back to 100% soon, Baby Girl! In the meantime, you still get into plenty of mischief. I turned around to find you on the counter yesterday…

Ki left the chair there. Still shirtless from lunch. :)
Checking out the babies. Obsessed is putting it lightly...

She sat there for a bit looking at the babies then started crawling around towards the knives. That girl!

chronic sickness

As summer rolls around, Mike is feeling worse. It’s a real bummer. I never really knew that chronically ill people have seasons. But they do and he does. The first 4 years of our marriage, Mike was in the hospital for some part of July (the entire month the last time). (more…)


They’re double teaming me. It’s so not cool. Welcome to the world or multiple children, eh? How do people with gobs of little kids do it when they’re all sick?! Eesh. Payton kissed Ki and Ki kissed Ella. That’s Ki’s reasoning (more…)

Blessed Be

When Mike and I got married, we sang and recorded the song Blessed Be and I walked down the aisle to it. I think I wanted it because I was walking down alone. (My Dad passed away when I was 5.) It was bittersweet. And God was still there and still glorified. In the happy and the sad times. (more…)