7 month Fenty!

Sweet, chunky Fenton is really getting around lately!

  • Fenton is such a happy guy! All Ki has to do is look at him and he gets the biggest belly laugh. Daddy can really get him going, too.
  • He scootches all over the place. He gets up onto his knees and tries to actually crawl, but isn’t quite there yet. If it’s something one of the kids puts down he goes even faster.
  • Bro is the fattest of my babies so far. Cracks me up.
  • His hair is starting to go over his ears. It drives Dad nuts. So cute.
  • Fent loves to nurse. And eat.
  • He’s a cord lover, just like his sister was. And Dad still gives unplugged cords to play with.
  • He tries to pull up on stuff. He will scootch up onto a lap and try to stand from there or grab stuff off of the coffee table.
  • I tried adding more cheese into my diet a week or two ago and Fenton started spitting up more and acting fussier. Bummer.
  • Fenton loves to be in on the action. He is such a little chatter box.
  • He is becoming such a sweet little snuggler. Nuzzling his head into my shoulder. I love it.
  • He is pretty good at putting his plug in his mouth. He will also take it out and chuck it if he’s trying to fight sleep.
  • He still doesn’t sleep as well as his big siblings. He had an 8 hour stretch a couple nights ago and then a 3-4 hour nap (the night after his tooth popped). That was glorious.
  • Fent loves taking baths. He splashes the water and makes a big mess.
  • He growls and waves hi/bye.
Dates to remember:
  • November 22 (Thanksgiving):  first food
  • December 26:  first tooth (his bottom left)

Here’s Ella at 7 months and Ki.

Ki-isms (112th ed.)

Long overdue!November…

Mike is teaching Ki about tv. Commercials and choosing from what’s on rather than whatever you want. It’s funny! He’s so clueless.

Ki to Ella: You’re the bossiest person I know! Well, except for one person in my PE class. (I really wanna meet Christina now. Ha!)

“I wonder what our craft will be today (in his kindergarten class)! Maybe it’ll be a chicken cuz last time it was a turkey.”

“Ella, if you want tuh throw it away, just give it to me. I like to keep shoes that people don’t want.”

“He’s (Fenton) like the strongest boy! Well. Actually not. I can, like, break a plate.”

It’s the Fenton gun shooter! He’s the fireball boy. Which he can shoot fireballs out of the gun. (Picture, caption and Facebook posting dictated by Ki.)

Ki just told Ella she’s a cute little girl.

Ki needs to work on his follow through when high fiving. I just got smacked in the face.

Ki likes his treats.

Ki watching Toy Story 2: Bet my toys are alive right now.

My son just called me dude. He cracks me up.

Ki said he feels fine this morning and is acting the part. Mike gave him oyster crackers to nibble on, but he doesn’t get the concept of eating slowly. “So, I put 3 in my mouth, but I only chew one at at time. Okay?”

Mom logging off of Ki on the computer and onto Dad:  I’m getting off your screen and going to Dad’s.

Ki:  …Uh…I call it a profile, Mom.

4 month Fent!

My sweet baby is 4 months old! He’s really filled out the past couple months. :)


  • loves snuggles and being held.
  • likes being rocked and/or bounced to sleep. Even sitting up.

  • wears 3-6 month clothes.
  • weighs 14lbs.
  • is rolly polly. Cute cute rolls.
  • looks like he’s growing some light brown hair. It actually looks pretty similar to Ella’s color.

  • is constantly compared to Ki the past few weeks. Before that, everyone thought he looked like Ella.
  • is a strong baby. He rolls front/back and back/front. He also scootches. Yesterday I went to get him from his nap and he’s scootched off his play mat about 1.5-2 feet.
  • poops out if he’s in a disposable diaper. If he’s in cloth, we’re good to go!

  • LOVES my cup of ice water. I think it’s his favorite toy. He tries to put it in his mouth and pulls it all around making the ice rattle.

  • loves being in our k*tan. Pretty sure it’s his favorite place. If I put it in and put one side around his head so he’s all snug, he is out super fast.
  • goes on girls nights. And sleeps through most of them.

  • is adorable.
  • still has blue eyes.

  • is so, so loved by his big sis and big bro. They call each other bro and sis allll the time since he was born. It’s adorable.

  • desperately wants to sit up! I tried laying him down on his back and he tried to fight it  and sit and just rolled right onto his tummy.
  • has his daddy’s little elf ears just like his big bro and big sis.

  • has great expressions and fabulous smiles.
  • is starting to lean toward people.
  • laughs. He’s ticklish on his collarbones, thighs and back. In that order. :)

  • drools.
  • is a great nurser.
  • goes to sleep about 8:30 and hopefully only wakes up one time before 7am. However, he sometimes wakes up every hour after his normal middle of the night feed fest.
  • spits up. :/ Sometimes it’s normal spit up. Sometimes its straight milk. Boo. And he doesn’t like it when I eat ice cream. Mega boo.

  • is lovingly nicknamed Fent, FentBoy, FentBro, Fenty (Ella), FentFry.
  • really wants to eat some food! I’m making him hold out until 6+ months, but he tries to grab my food.

2 months for Fenton!

Our littlest love is 2 months old! I was reading Ella’s 2 month post and I could almost copy and paste it for him. At least we’re consistent. :) And my babies keep getting smaller.


  • rolled over from tummy to back twice last week ago. I put him in his basket on his tummy and came back to him on his back. Mike is super proud of him. Mainly because he told his brother F would roll before his cousin who is 10 weeks older – always a contest. 😉 Uncle Matt say it doesn’t count unless it’s caught on video.

  • loves to have his cheek and forehead rubbed. It’s usually what puts him over the edge and gets him to sleep.
  • is mega strong and holds his head up very high. He also lifts his legs and pelvis off the floor and pretty much only has his belly on the floor. Crazy kid! He’s going to grow up to be a break dancer.
  • stares lovingly at me when he eats.
  • spits up about twice a week. It’s glorious after Ella’s projectile spitting!
  • has been regularly doing a 7 hour chunk of sleep at night. Gooood boy!
  • is a happy, pretty easy baby.
  • rarely cries. Usually just if he is tired and wants snuggles to fall asleep. He LOVES to snuggle.
  • would love to be held and snuggled 24/7.
  • likes to drink coffee. It keeps Momma going.
  • is SO loved by Ki. He adores his “Little Bro” and is constantly wanting to hold him
  • is picked on most by Ella. She…isn’t the most gentle.
  • goes by Fent, Fent-Boy (Ki’s creation, but what Ella usually calls him), Fent-Fry (Ella’s creation, what Mom usually calls him), Little Bro, Bro, Peanut…
  • isn’t on the floor much. Not very safe!
  • has thinning hair, but still a lot of hair. And lots of new growth.
  • is adorable. I even had someone tell me he’s the cutest baby boy she had ever seen. And she had 2 sons. Haha!
  • is happiest and smiles most when he first wakes up.
  • is still a peanut, but growing well. He’s probably 9-10lbs. We’ll find out at his appt next week. :)
  • has been sucking on his fist a bit, but loves his plug.

  • sleeps on his belly (i know, bad momma!).
  • is very very loved.

Fenton’s Birth Story

Written to Fenton, So I can pop it into his baby book. :)

There are pictures and details if that wigs you out!

Monday night I had trouble sleeping. Too many burps. :) Kept me up. I finally fell asleep for 2-3 hours and woke up with cramps in my lower abdomen. I laid in bed for a few hours halfway sleeping, but mostly not. They came about every 5 minutes.

At 11:30 Tuesday I had an appointment with my midwife. When she checked my she “dug around” a bit and lightly stripped my membranes. After my appointment, the cramps started back up. (I am so dense and apparently it takes me 3 labors to figure out that these cramps are my contractions.) They were a few minutes apart and about 30 seconds long.

I got home and hung out for a bit. Haleigh came over a couple hours after (3ish?) to hang out and keep me company. Dad was trying to get some last minute work done before the hard stuff hit. I called my midwife to let her know what was up. Since I didn’t seem close, she said she was going to head home and to let her know if things intensified.

Ki was out with Gramma running errands and Ella was napping. Shortly after 4, Nana came over to pick up Ella and Gramma stopped by to drop off Ki for Nana. They went to Grandpa and Nana’s for a sleepover.

I tried to lay down for a nap since I’d only slept a few hours the night before, but my contractions picked up. And people kept texting me. :)

Mandi was on her way down from MN. She arrived about 7. I was texting with my friend, Sarah and she ended up heading over around then, too. At this point, I think my contractions were 2 minutes apart and about 30-60 seconds long, which is pretty much how it stayed for as long as I was aware of that stuff. They still felt like cramps in my lower abdomen. Mandi gave me counter pressure when I needed it during contractions. I was mainly hanging out in the living room leaning on the kitchen counter at first.

I snacked on fruit and drank a lot of water. According to Sarah I burped at least twice after every contraction. I forgot that part. Haha!

Around 9pm I felt like I did when I got to the hospital with Ella (which was about 6 cm), so we decided to call my midwife. She lived 2 hours away, so I wanted plenty of time for her to get here. We called. We texted. Nothing. And her voicemail was full. I started to freak out a bit. We started talking about our options. Do we have the baby and call the paramedics? Do I head to the hospital? I really wanted to have the baby at home. We knew the laboring part, it was just what to do once the baby was born.

Sarah had the brilliant idea to call our friend, Jessie, who is a doula and had all 3 of her kids at home. We figured she would know what to do. We called and I talked to her until I got a contraction then someone else took over.

We knew we would need a stethoscope, but didn’t want to tell Gramma about the midwife issue. We knew she would worry. :) We called Aunt Jaime and Uncle Matt brought over hers.

Meanwhile, I was feeling further along. Mandi called a friend who is a doula (and trained in cervical checks) and she talked me through checking myself to see how far along I was. I could fit 3 fingers with a bit of space between them. She said that was probably about 7 cm. That felt like where I was compared to Ella’s labor.

I became pretty emotional, realizing the midwife most likely wasn’t going to make it and I was at 7. With Ki and Ella I had my water broken at 7cm because I had hard contractions that didn’t seem to go anywhere. With Ella, I dilated to an 8-9 while she broke my water and was at 10 and pushing within half an hour. I knew that if the midwife had been there I would be almost done. Without someone breaking my water, I felt like I would be in labor forever and not be able to do it.

Mandi showed me some things to do during contractions to encourage my water to break. I did lunges and tried rolling forward leaning on the ball, then rolling back and landing somewhat hard in a squat. Nothing. I even tried to scratch at it to see if I could snag it while on the toilet. I was kind of an emotional wreck for a while.

10:30ish Jessie got here with another doula who’d also had all of her children at home. That was a bit of a relief, knowing there were people who had been through it before and helped doula at other home births. I was still concerned about my water not being broken. I felt pretty defeated.

During one contraction I was hanging on Jessie, getting counter pressure from Mandi and my hands squeezed (which is surprisingly helpful) and heard laughing in the kitchen near us. So I yelled at them to shut up. It was distracting me. I learned later that your dad had made a comment about how we looked like the picture of the flag raisers of Iwo Jima and Sarah and Haleigh laughed.

A little walk outside. It was nice and crisp and I was cold!

I labored all over the place. During a contraction, I literally had 2-5 people helping me out. :) Squeezing my hands, my hips, counter pressure on my lower back, squeezing/rubbing my thighs… The ladies were amazing. Dad was there and helped a bit with contractions, but was mostly moral support. I just wanted him near. (I am so thankful for the ladies who helped me with the draining physical part of labor that would have done Mike in!)

I was pretty much force fed towards the end. I didn’t care to eat. They fed me grapes and watermelon and made me drink water. A lot. :)

I kept on laboring. I lost a ton of mucus plug one time when I went to the bathroom. That was encouraging because it meant stuff was happening.

Finally, probably about 2am, we headed in to our room. I don’t remember why we moved from the living room, where we had plastic and a blanket down on the floor, to our room. They rushed and moved the plastic and blanket into our room and got out the chucks pads.

After they took a look and told me they could see your head, I relaxed and was SO relieved. I knew the end was in sight and this wouldn’t last forever.

Mandi was squatting with her back against our bed and I was squatting/sitting on poor Mandi. Mike and Jessie were holding me up.

Sarah helped me not fall off the ball while I pushed. She reminded me to relax, which I so needed!

At one point between contractions while I was standing hunched over, I remember saying, “Sorry for the view!” to Mandi. :) I also said I felt like pooping, which I only shared because I know that when you are close to pushing it can feel similar. Here’s Mandi about that time…slightly worried.

It took about 3 pushes (15 minutes?) to push you out. Your head felt a lot bigger than Ki and Ella’s heads had. I figured it was because your bag of waters was still intact. At one point while pushing I hollered, “Who’s got their hand up my butt hole?!!” (Lovely, huh?) Apparently Mandi was “holding me together” which I was totally ok with. It was worth it to not tear!

When I pushed you out, you had a nuchal left hand (it was by your face) and your cord was wrapped around that arm. You’re still in the bag below! So neat.

The water broke as soon as your chin was out and you aspirated some. Here you are right after your water broke.

Dad caught you. He loved it. He held you and exclaimed, “Caitlin! We have a boy!”

I love this picture. You were so alert! You’re like, “What up, Mandi?”

I bawled. It was such a relief to have you out and finally snuggle you! I didn’t cry with the other two.

Apparently my placenta was odd. Kind of small and the cord was off center. I guess it did its job though.

You even had a sterilized shoelace to tie your cord. :) It said ‘HAVE A HEART’ and had hearts. Mandi cut your cord.

snuggled up with Daddy

and snuggling Momma

About this time, the midwife called. At 3:19am. You were born at 2:42am. Dad told her there was no point in her coming right then. We snuggled a bit and took a bath and tried to nurse, then slept for a few hours before Ki and Ella stopped by. Apparently her phone had stored all of our calls and texts and they all went through at 3:19.*

So alert! I had a couple little sandwiches while we snuggled.

We called grandparents, but everyone else just got a text, as far as I recall. Daddy and Jessie weighed you. At first they said 6lbs and I was SO surprised! You were actually 7lbs, 8oz, just like Ella.

We took a bath and celebrated with some sparkling cider. I was tired.

Your favorite position. Hands by your face/head.

The next morning the midwife came and you were 20″ and had dropped to 6lbs 13oz. (You had already had your first poop.)

I think it was a blessing that the midwife didn’t get our calls. If she had, I would have had her break my water at 7 cm and could have had some major tearing or other problems (hand or elbow out first). Because she wasn’t there, my water wasn’t broken and it protected us.

This was my hardest labor, both physically and emotionally because of the water issue. Physically because I was used to being done hours earlier. With you I had a much longer labor at the end. But you were so worth it! I’m now a fan of letting the water break on its own (unless there are medical reasons it needs to be broken, of course).

A HUGE thank you to those that helped bring my sweet Fenton into the world! And thanks for all the pictures, Haleigh! :)

*For those that are wondering about going with my midwife in the future, I have had a good experience with her before and after baby and would probably use her again. However, I would insist on having a backup number!