God is GOOD!

And that’s putting it lightly. Mike saw a new doctor last week. A neurologist. Last month he had been prescribed some morphine for 1-2 days a week when his pain was too much. It continually builds, then he’d just sleep for three days to get over it. With the morphine, he could take it and forgo the 3 day sleep. But it was morphine. And we know that isn’t ideal.

New Doctor gave him some tramadol to try. It’s not a controlled substance and it’s not addictive. And it worked pretty dang well. Praise the Lord!

New Doctor (I didn’t go and don’t know his name) also prescribed COQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid, both supplements. COQ10 was $16 for 20 days worth at Target. I hit up Walgreens and they had a little over 2 months for $42. So about $20 a month. But wait! They had a buy one, get one deal going on, making it $10 a month! (And making the ALA $5.50 a month.) See? God rocks. Pretty cool.

Both of these supplements are being researched and sound amazing! When we get new breakthroughs like this it’s happy…but I also start getting ticked. Why didn’t doctors think of this before? Goodness knows we’ve been to plenty. No point flipping out about it though, it is over and done with.

That’s my exciting news. Just had to share.

Blessed Be

When Mike and I got married, we sang and recorded the song Blessed Be and I walked down the aisle to it. I think I wanted it because I was walking down alone. (My Dad passed away when I was 5.) It was bittersweet. And God was still there and still glorified. In the happy and the sad times. (more…)

Zero-G, Zero Help

I love waffles and pizza rolls, so good.

As you may know we had a consultation to see if something called the Zero-G was right for me. Well it went terribly, but I’m not to distressed, just annoyed. It was the guy we were talking to, not the boot. I can always tell when a doctor/medical person isn’t going to take me seriously, isn’t going to listen to me, doesn’t understand what the problem is and has a line they give everybody because everybody they see has the same problem (which is different then mine).

He kept talking about how I walk and how a boot would affect how I walk. That’s something to keep in mind, but the fact is, I don’t really walk and when I do it’s only between chairs. He also kept telling us to talk to a neurologist and that there are lots of drugs that could help… Oh really. We told him a number of times. So we are going to find someone else to talk to, hopefully someone who would listen, usually if a start off telling them how bad the other person was they start thinking and actually listen, otherwise, I just get a bit rude, that usually works.

fake legggz

Disclaimer: Sometimes coffee does not do anything to me. However, today’s 2 cups may have had some extra stuff in them. Maybe someone spiked the pot here at work? Anyhoo, this post may be…interesting.

Mike found an awesome new product. It’s exactly what he’s been wanting. He couldn’t find it but was like, “I should invent it and sell it!” So last night I’m sleeping peacefully and the door bursts open as he excitedly said, “Caitlin! Look what I found!” and shoves the laptop in my face. He freaked me out. It was 4am. (more…)

The Beginning

Our story officially began Friday, December 16, 2005. Our wedding day. It rocked. We were married at First E-Free in Ames, then partied at the Memorial Union. Mike’s pastor from high school traveled down from Minnesota to marry us. We had tons of great friends and family there to share the day with us! (And for all the girls out there, I’ve gotta throw this in… Our colors were charcoal gray and light pink.)

The next day we headed off to Jamaica for our wondrous honeymoon!

Over the month after we got back, Mike began feeling sick. After over a month of it, we went in to the doctor mid-February. I got blood drawn and we found out February 16th that we were gonna have a baby! At that time, Mike worked at Diamond Vogel as a master paint mixer and matcher and I was at ISU and worked part time at Alpha Copies.

As I got more preggo, Mike got sicker. His feet hurt, as well as his stomach. It was a struggle for him to go to work and be on his feet all day. Summer of 2006, I applied for a Switchboard position at the hospital. After over a month of not hearing I finally got an interview!

Meanwhile, Mike ended up in the hospital for his issues stemming from his diabetes. While in the hospital, he was diagnosed with neuropathy, gastroparesis, a heart arrhythmia, and asthma. He got out just in time to attend my brother & sis-in-law’s wedding in Washington over the 4th of July. We waited and waited and weren’t hearing back about my job.

Mike and I prayed about him quitting his job and talked with many fellow believers. I felt like we needed to trust God and take a leap of faith before I would get my job. Mike put in his 2 weeks at Diamond Vogel. The next day, I was offered the job at the hospital. Sweet wonderful insurance! Insulin dropped from $70+/bottle to $20 (a ginormous blessing!).

And on that note I’ll stop for now. I have a par-tay to attend to!