Ella is 6!

What’s your favorite…

color? Um, pink and purple.

sport? Um, doing cheerleading. (Which she has never done.)

shirt? Um….this one. (silver sweater)

restaurant? Um, Hickory Park.

food? Uuuum (Fent:  Pasta!) Pasta.

treat? Uh. Cake an ice cream.

drink? Uuuum, punch.

weather? Uhhhh snow. And summer.

book? Uhh. Little Red Riding Hood.

toy? Uhhh. I’m thinking. The fairy toy that I got at McDonalds.

animal? Um, my favorite animal is pony.

story from the Bible? Uum, David and Goliath.

letter? Um, E. (Why?) Because it’s the first letter of my name.

Who are your friends? Um, Taliya, Reagan, Nora, PayPay, Livi, Sophie, Sophia, Maverick and Elena.

plant:  Um, flowers.

Are you going to get married when you’re older? No. (Why?) Because…I don’t wanna talk about it.

If you did get married, how old? Uuuuh….as old as you were when you got married.

Who do you think you will marry? If I did get married? (yeah) Uuuum. Well. I don’t know.

What do you want to do for work when you’re bigger? Uh, work with oils.

What was the best part of your life so far? Uuum. Turning 6. (Why?) Because I was so excited for it!

Is there new stuff can you do now that you’re 6? Um. Smell different flowers? Hehe!

What will you be able to do when you turn 7? Pick a different favorite food!

Who’s cooler – Mom or Dad? Uhhhhh (Fent:  Ki-Ki. I mean me!) MOM.

What do you want to teach Ki while you’re 6? Tuh obey.

What do you want to teach Fenty while you’re 6? Tuh obey.

What do you want to teach Paisley while you’re 6? Tuh grow up faster. (Me:  noooo!) What! You grow when you sleep. So I’m gonna make her sleep so she grows.

How old will you be when you start driving a car? Mmmm teenager. Because Aunt Tina can drive and she’s a teenager.

What field trips do you want to go on this year? Uuuuum. I wanna go to….California! To see Uncle Jeffrey.

Anything else you want to add? Uh, no I was getting tired of this anyway.

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