Elle Belle the 5-year-old!

What’s your favorite…

color? pin and purple, green and blue

sport? Uhh, Ki’s basketball. It’s my favorite sport cuz there’s a restaurant there that has so much candy, an Grampa let me have some candy.

shirt? My one with the star.

restaurant? Cafe. Uh, Mom, can you delete Cafe? Cuz I actually have a new favorite. It’s Hickory Park.

food? I like cheeseballs.

treat? Uhh, that thing we got at The Cafe when I went there with you that had chocolate and white on it…? {An éclaire?} Yeah!

drink? I don’t remember what it’s called. OH! Kids’ wine. {Ki:  Martinelli’s?} Oh yeah! Martinelli’s.

weather? snow

book? uhhhhhm I’ll go get it. A book about how alligators grow. “Crocodiles and Alligators”

toy? It is Little People.

animal? It iiiiis, um, birds.

story from the Bible? Jonah and the whale.

letter? E cuz it’s in my name.

Who are your friends? Elena and Taliya and Sophie and Reagan and Anya (neighbor).

plant (by request):  My favorite plant it flowers.

Are you going to get married when you’re older? shook her head no {Why?} I don’t wanna explain it.

If you did get married, how old? Uh, 13. {Ki’s eyes got huge. “13??”}

“Uh, my favorite dress up thing is a necklace.”

Who do you think you will marry? I’m not marrying anyone when I’m older!

What do you want to do for work when you’re bigger? I want to, um, like, um, be a store lady. Actually, delete that. I wanna be a doctor. I mean a nurse like Gramma. Nurse nurse nurse. Nurse nurse nurse.

What was the best part of your life so far? Turning on the hose in the rocks cuz I was trying to make flowers for you.

Is there new stuff can you do now that you’re 5? Yes. Be good at quiet time and be quiet when you tell me to read books.

What will you be able to do when you turn 6? Plant flowers for you.

Who’s cooler – Mom or Dad? Uhh, Mom.

What do you want to teach Ki while you’re 5? I can’t be 5 to teach my big brother. *giggles* I have to be, like, 13.

What do you want to teach Fenty while you’re 5? to be good and nice

What do you want to teach Paisley while you’re 5? Teach her to nor hurt people.

How old will you be when you start driving a car? Um, 20

What field trips do you want to go on this year? Um,California


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