Paisley is 6 weeks!

Dear little Paisley,

You’re 6 weeks old! You are SUCH an easy baby. This picture sums you up pretty perfectly.


Ella put a headband on you, it fell in your face, and you’re still smiling. The only time you really cry is when someone lands on you or knees you in the head. You know. Crazy older sibling stuff. You’re going to be a tough girlie! You weigh 9lbs, which is pretty awesome when you started at 5lbs 14oz. You’re getting too tall for your newborn clothes, which is kind of sad because you have some cute outfits!

You love snuggles and kisses. Don’t worry, you get a lot of both. You bat at your toys and try to put your plug back in your mouth. You’re pretty much amazing. You still have pretty blue eyes.



You seem to sleep better during the day upstairs in the light and noise. You do get woken up frequently though. Someone bumps your seat or thinks snuggling, kissing or holding you is more important than you getting to sleep. You are neediest in the evening. You like your snuggles. At night you usually do two 4-5 hour chunks of sleep. Really. You are awesome.

We can’t wait for your personality to develop. Maybe you’ll be our calm kid. That’s possible for a Wandling…right? Either way, we love you so much!

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