returning to the blog

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged. Ugh. I’ve been hesitant to share our life for the past two years since the whole being reported for neglect for Fent’s low weight. It’s taken me a while to “get over” it (although I suppose I’ll never FULLY be over it). Having a healthy 2-year-old helps.

So, my dear kids, I’m sorry that I have let that get in the way of writing down our memories. I don’t have Ki’s 7-year-old post or Ella’s 4-year-old post. Nothing about Fenton’s second birthday. No Ki-isms, Elle-isms or cute things Fenton said. Nothing about Paisley’s pregnancy. Aside from little tidbits on facebook and instagram, it’s unrecorded. We even lost our domain so links don’t work. Boo!

BUT that is going to change. Starting today. Today I get back to keeping track of our memories. Writing down the adorableness of my kiddos.

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