Month 15!

Fenton, you are such a funny little guy. We love you so much. I think you are going to be our little comedian. Here are some things about you at 15 months.

  • You are popping 6 teeth this month! Poor baby. All 4 molars and 2 more bottom teeth. You’re handling it pretty well, but oh so drooly.
  • You love dogs (dah! dah!) and balls (ball-bah!).
  • You give hugs and kisses.
  • You love to eat. You also love to throw your food on the floor.
  • You hit. You’re a stinker. When you don’t get your way you get a major attitude and throw a fit. It’s pretty ridiculous…and cute.
  • You Are a good little napper. You wake up about 7/8 and nap for two hours at 9 or 10. Then you take another 2ish hour nap in the afternoon. You go to bed about 7/8 and wake up around midnight and one other time in the night…but you recently got booted from our room and we are dropping that early morning feeding. Momma needs sleep!
  • You love your ni-night. You grab it and stand up waiting to be picked up out of your bed.
  • You are OBSESSED with your plug. Obsessed. You love having one in your mouth and one in a hand. When you’re going to sleep, you stick your pointer finger in your plug. You have a dog Wubbanub coming in the mail…and you’re going to freak out when it arrives. Two of your fav’s.
  • You love my water m ore than your own – even if your cup has a straw, too. You’ll probably be the healthiest kid because you are always snitching my water with oils in it.
  • You love doing somersaults. You stand and then bend and put your head on the ground and wait for someone to roll you over.
  • You Love going for bike rides and will stand at my bike and holler until I take you. But you don’t like wearing your helmet. 😉

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