My sweet little man

Ki has such a generous, soft heart. I love it. This week church is having ‘D6 Weekdays’ – like VBS. When I picked him up the first day, he had a hand that said ‘Childrens’ Ibuprofen’ on it. He was asking his teacher for another hand. She told him to tell me about it and tomorrow we could see. They are collecting medicine to send to missionaries in Guatemala. The next day, his teacher told me that after they explained it they asked if anyone was willing to help buy medicine for them. She said Ki immediately raised his hand. And then he wanted each kind of hand. (There are multiple medicines they’re collecting.)

I LOVE that he wants to help people. To be generous. Love it. This past winter when they talked about Operation Christmas Child boxes he nagged me about picking up a box. Then when we got that, he nagged me about getting the stuff for inside it. He was SO excited! I adore that about my boy. And I hope it never changes and that he continues to want to bless people who have less than us.

I love you, Ki! You are an awesome young man!
Love, Mom

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