Happy Birthday Bro!

Dear, sweet little FentFry,

You are such an adorable little guy. Such a little lover. You really love giving kisses. A couple days ago I said I loved you and you walked over and gave me a kiss. It was awesome.

You love having a rag and wiping everything down. You like chewing on cloth. You can be found walking around with a sock hanging out of your mouth.

You are a blanket boy. When I get you up from bed, you are often holding your blanket. You are really attached to your Wubbanub plug.  You like to hold your plug while you nurse and suck on it a little multiple times in the middle of nursing.

You point! I love it, so cute. You also reach for people to pick you up. When I open your door after nap, you’re often reaching for me and get excited. You are also a little stinker. You pick who you want to hold you based on how easily they will let you down. You like to be on the go.

You are a climber. You love to be with people. You love playing with Ki and Ella. Ki is an awesome big brother and loves to play with you. Ella is learning to be a great big sister and getting so cute!

Birthday breakfast in Minnesota!








Dinner with Morgans







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