Eleven. Months.

Eleven months is unreal. I cannot believe My baby boy will be one next month! Make it stop!

Fenton, you are SO fun right now. The day you turned 10 months you started taking 1-2 steps and got up to 7. Then you stopped. You’d take a couple steps and drop to crawl. This past week you just decided to full on walk. So now you walks everywhere and it’s adorable! You usually have your fists out in front of you. Cute cute.

On April 18th you popped 2 teeth! That was a LONG time coming. You have been a napping champ the past few days!

You still are not sleeping through the night. Little punk! The norm lately is Sleeping about 7:30pm-7:30am, waking up to nurse around 11, 2 and 4. Sometimes you’ll nurse and go back to sleep in the morning, sometimes you don’t. You’ve been napping about 10-12 and 2-4/5. I think you’re going through a growth spurt (you’re thinning out) and will start sleeping better soon.

You love watching yourself in the camera and taking pictures.

You go to sleep awesome on your own. I can put you in bed awake and you fuss for maybe a minute and then give in. Glorious. Thank you. 😉

You are such a sweet, happy boy. Dad thinks you’re going to be our sensitive kiddo. If we get after you for something (you really like cords and trash…) you get upset.

You like playing with balls, duplos and Little People. Your favorite duplos are the ones with wheels. You drive them and it’s so cute. Such a little boy!

You LOVE being naked. If I let you escape during a diaper change you crawl SO fast. It’s funny.

You are starting to play with your brother and sister more. It’s cute.

You love to eat. Nursing and real food. You’re getting pretty good at feeding yourself, too.

You’re started climbing into things the past few days. Too funny. You can’t get out though, so you yell and start fussing.

You’re starting to like blankets. Your favorite is currently a fuzzy light blue blanket with satin edges. You’ve been holding it standing up the past few times I’ve gotten you up.

Here’s your big bro at just over 11 months and your big sis at 11 months.

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