My baby girl is 3!!!

My dear sweet Ella Novelia,

You are so adorable. You don’t let me call you Muffin anymore (so sad!), but you do answer to Spanky. Other than that, it’s mostly Ella, Elle, Elle Belle, Ella Bella (Troy), etc. If we call you anything else, we get corrected. You know what you want are are miffed if you don’t get it. You have the best little pout. I love it. Your very favorite thing is your ni-night, Daddy’s baby blanket. I’ve had to sew holes and re-sew all around the edge. You like the “string” that hangs off the end.

You are getting into all things girly. It’s glorious. You like to wear your dress up and are enjoying playing with your new girl presents. You served everyone cake (out of duplos) and tea this morning. You love pink and purple and sparkles.

You enjoy doing puzzles, duplos, coloring, painting and playing with Ki. You are particular about how things are and like it just so.

You talk in a high little squeaky voice and use your fingers when you are excited. Like here, the day before your birthday, when you described the cake you wanted.

Ella’s birthday talk from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

You get sad if Ki isn’t around and talk about how you miss him. You two are so sweet together (most of the time). He teaches you things and you listen intently and participate in his little classes.

Ki teaches Ella counting from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

Here’s a little example of your cute pout. You two are great at apologizing and forgiving.

Reconciliation from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

You are my sweet pea. When you are really happy or feeling sweet, you make the best sappy sweet face.

Your imagination has really taken off lately. It is so fun to watch. A few times I’ve found you sitting quietly playing and making up stories for a while. You even make up stories with your food. They’re all people.

You are getting a little better at sitting still to get your nails painted. Your fingernails still end up smudged though. And we can’t paint your left middle fingernail because you still suck it.

You are becoming a great big sister. You can make Fenton giggle and are pretty cute with him when you want to be.

You love to clean and cook, but you snitch as you go.

You are a joy, even when you’re being adorably pouty and we love you SO much. :)


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