Ki-isms (112th ed.)

Long overdue!November…

Mike is teaching Ki about tv. Commercials and choosing from what’s on rather than whatever you want. It’s funny! He’s so clueless.

Ki to Ella: You’re the bossiest person I know! Well, except for one person in my PE class. (I really wanna meet Christina now. Ha!)

“I wonder what our craft will be today (in his kindergarten class)! Maybe it’ll be a chicken cuz last time it was a turkey.”

“Ella, if you want tuh throw it away, just give it to me. I like to keep shoes that people don’t want.”

“He’s (Fenton) like the strongest boy! Well. Actually not. I can, like, break a plate.”

It’s the Fenton gun shooter! He’s the fireball boy. Which he can shoot fireballs out of the gun. (Picture, caption and Facebook posting dictated by Ki.)

Ki just told Ella she’s a cute little girl.

Ki needs to work on his follow through when high fiving. I just got smacked in the face.

Ki likes his treats.

Ki watching Toy Story 2: Bet my toys are alive right now.

My son just called me dude. He cracks me up.

Ki said he feels fine this morning and is acting the part. Mike gave him oyster crackers to nibble on, but he doesn’t get the concept of eating slowly. “So, I put 3 in my mouth, but I only chew one at at time. Okay?”

Mom logging off of Ki on the computer and onto Dad:  I’m getting off your screen and going to Dad’s.

Ki:  …Uh…I call it a profile, Mom.

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