Elle-isms (27th ed.)

“Ki. Yeh mudder ses don’t carry him around!”

“My baby’s cute as a little fly.” -Ella

Ella whining… “Momma, Ki’s calling me booty shake!”

You will be pleased to know that while I was wrapping presents today, Miss Bella Ella surveyed my ribbon container and pronounced, “All my presents will be pink!” – Gramma

She’s admiring herself and her makeup job.

I love that, the majority of the time, Ella calls me Mudder.

Muffin and tea with Gwammy. She picks out the chocolate.

Ella loves her new Christmas dress. She put it on and said she was a dancing geal. :)

Ella has requested to be called Buford (from Phineas & Ferb). And is growling in response to people. And her baby doll is Baljeet.

Looking forward to Ella waking up in the morning. She is SO excited for her doll diapers. I had to buy some “belcro” this evening to finish them. She giggled and woohoohoo’d about the ones with flowers and butterflies. Could she be more adorable?

Ki is in his room for a little discipline. Ella went in to talk to him. I just heard her as she was coming out saying, “Don’t come out, or I’ll spank yuh.” Hah! Then she went back in (after being reminded that she doesn’t spank him) saying, “Didja come out or anysing?”

Ella to Fenton: You can choke those legos, but don’t grab any of my things!

Ella was pulling her pants/underwear down to get her diaper on for bed when Ki walked downstairs.

Ella:  “Kiiii. I’m gon be inapopiate. I’m gon be inapopiate, Ki! Yer gon see my buuuutt!” pulls her bottoms down, turns around and wiggles her bum while yelling, “Booty shake!!”

Ki:  Do it again, Ella!!

Ella:  Booty shake!!

Ki:  Do it again, Ella!!

Ella:  Booty shake!!

“I like hearts. And buttuhflies. Buttuhflies ah reely impessive. They have wiiiings and can flyyyy.”

“Mom! Dad was low because he wanted ice cream.”

Tapping elbow… “This is my nippo.” Then she and Ki had a discussion about nipples and had to look at theirs.

ice krispie treats = rice krispie treats

Ella’s duplo gun has a presser, not a trigger. :)

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