8 month Fent-o

Fent’s 8th month was a big one!


  • all done
  • milk
  • play
  • waves hi/bye
  • ball
  • ma ma ma
  • ba ba (bye bye)
  • ah dah (all done)
  • bah (ball)


  • pulls up super fast
  • walks around stuff
  • kisses
  • plays patty cake
  • so big
  • gets into everything
  • loves eating
  • figured out he can sit down from standing
  • Fent has been going to bed around 7/8 and sleeping about 12 hours. He still wakes up 1-3 times.
  • He thinks he needs to eat every few hours.
  • He often has to be put in bed to fall asleep. He’s like his big brother and just gets more wound when he’s tired. You have to stick him by himself with no stimulation. 😉

  • duplos, especially the little car
  • his plug
  • eating/nursing
  • snuggles
  • books
  • Ki and Ella
  • holding still for diaper changes
  • not getting food when others have it
  • getting bundled up in his dog outfit and hat, then falls asleep in the van


  • 18 lbs
  • fitting 12 month clothes best (but sometimes wears bigger/smaller duds)
  • super happy and rolly

Dates to remember:

  • Jan 1:  Noticed tooth #2! His bottom right. He took a really good nap the afternoon of the 31st (3.5 hours). I think after he pops a tooth he gets a nice, pain free rest. He’s a very good teether! Just a bit snotty, which the amber necklace fixed in a few hours.
  • Jan 3:  Fent started kissing me! I got lots of big, open mouth kisses. Love it.

(Top 3 pics by Danny Vasquez)

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