recent finds

I’ve had a few good library finds lately, so I thought I’d share.

Cinnamon Baby – I love the drawings in this book. They are so whimsical and awesome. It’s a sweet story. All 3 kids like it. (Fent’s been sitting on my lap looking at books while I read and loves it.)

Two Peas in a Pod – This book has the coolest, artsiest pictures. Ella LOVES this one. She keeps picking it to read. Ki’s sick of it. 😉 Elle even “reads” a little. I’m planning to see if the library has his other books.

Art & Max – This is a  quirky little book, also with neat drawings. (Can you tell I’m a picture person?) Ki really likes this one.

Scaredy Cat – Ki and I found this book for Elle. She loves cats and says scaredy instead of scary. It was meant to be. It’s also one of Gramma’s favorite childrens’ authors. Cute book!

So hopefully that gets you going on your next little library adventure!

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