the freedom in home birth

I guess I haven’t mentioned on our blog yet, but we had our baby! I’ll post his story later, but right now I wanted to just show a little of how much freedom you have when you birth at home. It’s glorious.

The many ways I labored…

  • standing, lying forearms and head on my bed (our bed is pretty tall)
  • lying on my side on the couch
  • kneeling over the couch
  • leaning forearms on the kitchen counter
  • lunging
  • sitting on a balance ball
  • leaning over a balance ball squatting
  • leaning over a balance ball kneeling
  • on the toilet forwards
  • on the toilet backwards with a pillow on the tank
  • standing with palms on the bathroom counter
  • hands and knees
  • standing, hugging and leaning on someone
  • walking around outside in the cool night air
  • in our room, the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen

Also, I ate more than once. I was kind of force fed grapes and watermelon towards the end. :)

2 thoughts on “the freedom in home birth

  1. Amazing. I love it.
    Even though I’m not having a home birth, I’m sort of excited to be laboring at home as long as I can. And to be using a midwife. I can’t wait to read his story! He’s precious, by the way. He looks uber cuddly.

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