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I figured I would write a bit about our daily life for a few years down the road. So…here goes.

Sundays we go to church, then in the evening I leave about bed time and have some glorious time to myself. Sometimes a friend or two joins me.

Mondays we had CC, but that’s been over for a few weeks. So we really have no plans.

Tuesdays we don’t have anything until connection group in the evening. My mom usually watches them and we often have dinner with them before.

Wednesday mornings we have BSF. We usually go over to my mom’s for lunch after and hang out for a bit, then head home for nap time.

Thursdays Ki and I have a standing date during Elle’s nap time. We head to Cafe Milo and I read my BSF and he does school work and listens to audio books.

Friday mornings we head to the library. We usually have to be back by 12:30 so Mike can head to a meeting. Sometimes we hang out with friends in the evening.

And Saturdays we don’t having any set plans. :)

I’m SO exhausted lately. And I have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep often…so I sleep in. Ki usually wakes up about 7 or 7:30. I generally stay in bed until Ella gets up anytime between when Ki does and 9:30. Then she comes in and needs tuggoes. And water. She’s my little snuggle bug. :) Sometimes she even gets up and Ki gets them some cereal and I get up a few minutes later. Sometimes sooner depending on what I hear.

The kids are always hungry, so we are early eaters! We eat lunch about 11 and dinner about 5/5:30.

Ella naps at 1 or 2 for almost exactly 2 hours. Ki usually has quiet time and reads, listens to audio books, plays legos/duplos, etc. Lately I’ve been napping often or just having some quiet time myself.

We go for walks nearly every day. Either to Cafe Milo, around the pond, or down Mortensen then State and on the path behind the middle school. Ki rides his bike and I walk and pull or push Ella. Gotta get in shape for this baby!

The kids LOVE to play outside. Ki often goes out to ride his bike multiple times a day. Ella wishes she could, but I don’t trust her out there with just Ki.

Ki reads a lot and Ella follows him around. He is such a sweet big brother and reads to her often. They play together pretty well lately. I’ve been reading to them a lot more lately, too. He has also been doing handwriting and math still (and we should be reviewing CC).

Ella was eating a whole apple that she swiped from the fridge last night. Just carrying it around and chowing on it. So cute. I had to get a picture.

Then she had to see them. Also, this morning she made me die a little inside. We were riding in the van when this went down.

Ella: Momma!

Me: Yeah, Muffin?

Ella: I not Muffin, I Ella!

:( She’s been my Muffin since before she was born.

She is getting SO big and is such a good talker! Then Ki started making his own ‘video’ on a camera he built that afternoon with duplos. He was so adorable with his little interview!

They keep us hopping! The go to bed about 7 or 7:30 because Ki wakes up early every day. The past few nights I’ve been letting Ki read in bed by the light of the window. It has actually calmed bedtime down a lot because he isn’t giving Ella orders of disobedience. Ella is our night owl. They seem to think they need water every night. And Ki usually comes up with some other reason or two to come out. A minute later Ella stumbles out sleepy eyed mumbling her best repeat of whatever he said.

Mike doesn’t really have a set schedule. So I can’t make generalizations about that. He works and sleeps and we love when we get to spend time with him. Cuz he rocks.

Nothing too exciting. Well, except that it’s baby time next month!!

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