notes on bike riding/walks

  • Don’t pick a route without any stops that will take longer than your average between pee times.
  • Make sure Ki goes to the bathroom before leaving. Otherwise he will want to pee off the bridge. With people around. And then amazingly not need to go when you get home. On second thought, I guess it doesn’t matter.
  • Ella needs to learn to ‘pedal’ her truck on her own so I don’t have to push or pull her.
  • A small bike constantly cutting me off and stopping in front of me does not make me happy.
  • Ki is getting very good ad keeping pace with us.
  • When we have a dog someday, if I’m walking it with headphones I will take them out when passing kids. We passed a couple college aged girls walking dogs and Ki was so sad and confused when he asked to pet them and they didn’t answer.
  • Dogs, motorcycles and airplanes and pretty much the coolest things ever (whether you’re 2 or 5).
  • We have gorgeous weather right now.
  • Ki picking flowers for his sister and her receiving them is stinkin’ adorable.
  • Stretch afterwards. Don’t forget.
  • We only pet 1 dog tonight. Last night it was 4.
  • Walks are much faster when I’m the only one walking.
  • Don’t take animal crackers on walks. Ki thinks he can hold 4 while riding, which makes him a wobbly rider.
Ki discovered a new trick on our way home this evening. He cracks me up. I love his little presentation at the beginning too. :)

Ki is getting to be such a good bike rider! On top of his mad skills, look what he’s working with…

The child is not genteel. And he REALLY needs new pedals. I should take care of that.

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