a hankering for baking

I’ve been meaning to make some things for a few days and today I got around to it. YUM. First, during nap, I made Blueberry Banana Bran Muffins. I have never used bran before, but it was easy and they are amazingly delicious! If you make them, I used frozen blueberries and it worked great. I only got 10 large muffins though (and they weren’t even too tall). It says 12-18, so perhaps my new muffin tin just has mondo spots. The kids and I ate them for dinner. (Ki was still napping when I took these pics.)

She’s happy here…

I also started some yogurt during the tail end of nap. I haven’t made any for months because Ki and Ella got snooty about it and wouldn’t eat it. This time I plan on blending some frozen fruit with a bit and then stirring it in. They love fruit in their yogurt.

Lastly, I have granola in the oven. Elvis Granola. It just sounds cool. And it’s PB and dark chocolate. Can’t go wrong. Well, I can. Last time I attempted to make granola, I burnt it. This time I got carried away and added the chocolate before baking, so it will be more chocolate flavored than chunks. But still yummy, as long as I don’t screw it up in its last 2 minutes! I left out the sesame seeds and did almonds instead of peanuts. I’m debating adding craisins. But I may wait. Some sliced banana and this granola on yogurt sounds goooooood.

(I ended up eating some for a snack tonight! Plain yogurt with a pinch of honey, Elvis Granola and a banana. MMMMMMMMMM.)

Tomorrow morning will sure taste good!

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