Hi! I’m Caitlin – wife and momma. I love to craft and dabble in some light sewing. I spend most of my day wrangling our little goobers, homeschooling Ki and attempting to keep a semi-clean home. I am blessed to be a stay at home momma!

Mike and I have been married since 2005. After getting married Mike started getting sick. We’ve been though a lot, but God has always kept us afloat and blessed us. Mike is now a super awesome web designer.

Life is never slow around our house. Our 5-year-old, Ki, keeps us hopping! He enjoys going to CC (our homeschooling program) and BSF each week. He is the loudest little people person. Ki enjoys sports, playing outside, shoveling snow, music, art and anything involving other people. He is a constant hummer/singer. He cracks us up daily and loves teaching his little sis new things.

Our sweet girly, Ella, is close to 2! She is so full of energy as well. She’s steadily adding to our funny lists of ‘isms’ that we started with Ki. She loves snuggles, her ni-night, babies, butterflies, cats (recently ‘Hello Cat’), flowers, painting, leggings and all other things girly. She also adores going to visit family and often tries to make plans for us to see them.

We are expecting our 3rd little love in May. We’re waiting to see if it will pick up the crazy gene (or maybe Ki will teach it) and if it will be another Momma/Daddy look alike.

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