thoughts on today

  • I love love love it when something clicks in my babies minds. Ki did his math in record time today. He totally understood it, instead of just counting! (We are doing 9+ __. So we pretend that the 9 slurps up 1 from the other # and then it goes from 9+5 to 10+4. Then it’s easy to add. He can do it all in his head now! And he FINALLY got how easy #’s plus 10 are.)
  • Ella is truly the attitude police. The girl is not quite 22 months and can identify when someone is having a bad attitude, then calls them on it (whether it is appropriate for her to do so or not).
  • A new pencil sharpener for $1.19 was the highlight or Ki’s morning.
  • Ki is a nut from the moment he wakes up until the moment he falls asleep. This morning I was awoken by him shrieking and singing loudly. The rest of his family does not wake up so quickly…
  • My children are bottomless pits.
  • Not sure what Ella will do with herself when her Perry and Isabella tattoos from Troy are finally worn off.
  • Ella has been doing great with potty training this week! She stayed dry at Gramma’s during CC on Monday. Tuesday was not so great. Yesterday she stayed dry ALL day, including BSF and her nap. Woohoo! I’m expecting a bad day today though, because we seem to be batting every other day. She’s been having some diarrhea issues that cramp our style, but I’m hoping that is over since we had no poo yesterday. She keeps thinking she needs to, but can’t. So now that you know all about her bowel movements…
  • Ki is such a great big brother. He has been teaching her so much and is, for the most part, very sweet to her. Obviously he still has his big brother moments. 😉 I’m convinced that she talks as well as she does because he is such a chatter box and he makes her repeat things. They are becoming great friends. (And they’re really cute when they sit together and play their legos and duplos.)
  • School work is so much easier now that ki is reading well. He reads all of his own directions and story problems.

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