baby blankets

Last week I scored 2 new, super cute nephews! Rock on! I made a couple blankets for them (one of my new favorite baby gifts). I made one a couple months ago (minus the name), but it was a reject. (I was planning on cutting it up and using the material for something else, but Ella happily stole it.) Anyhoo, my brother and SIL finally decided on names for their sweeties, so I got to work!

It’s a cute knit from Jo-Ann’s (the back is white). The edge and names are knit rib. I used no-sew iron on adhesive on the rib and cut it out (after tracing a fun font off of my computer screen). I love my font choice. Half the fun.

And both together…

I wanted to make them similar/coordinating, but not matchy. I love how they turned out! And I’m getting better at sewing knit. I love these blankets! Now I just need to finish up their big bro’s birthday present (have I mentioned I’m a horrible procrastinator?) so I can mail it all!

I’m linking up with YHL’s Pinterest challenge. Make something you’ve pinned! Totally a needed challenge. Haha.

Pinned and source.

Thanks to Mandi who originally found this tutorial and begged be to make it for Trinity!

Mandi & a brand new Trinity from 4 months ago. ;)

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