Today was fantastic. We started out by ditching church this morning. I know, we’re terrible, right? Yesterday we went to my brother’s high school graduation and had a banquet at church in the evening, so Mike was pretty pooped. He had to lay low and recover from the day.

We bummed around this morning and Mike slept in. Then we picked up and vacuumed our living room and Mike’s sister, Steph, came over with her munchkin, Taliya, to practice her new Kirby sales spiel. And she did well. I want one now! If we had $1200 to spare, I’d totally get it. The nastiness that came out of our carpet right after I vacuumed it with our vacuum was appalling. Not to mention it got rid of the stains we had. Did you know those things can shampoo too?? Holy cats.

While Steph vacuumed our living room and got rid of our embarrassing stains, I sat on the couch and snuggled Taliya while she slept. I told Mike she should’ve come over last weekend and it could have been my Mothers Day present. Someone cleaning my living room and baby snuggles? Yes, please. My babies do not snuggle. They go go go!

Then we hung out as a family for a bit and the kids and I went out to pick up a few things at Target. Oh, how I love Target! (Sorry, Lori!! Don’t mean to rub it in…) This was icing on the cake of my day. (Does that work?) We stopped by Burgies to swipe the coupons from one of the papers lying around the coffee shop. I got a $1.70 brewed coffee, which was totally recouped by my coupons.

Here’s the good part. I got paper towels and diapers* that were on sale, used a $2 off coupon on the diapers, and got $5 off for buying both the paper towels and dipes. So $7 off my 2 sale items. I adore a good deal! It made my night. I’m ridiculous, right? (Plus I’ll be using other coupons I got, totally making my coffee purchase acceptable in my mind.)

Anybody else out there love a great deal as much as I do?

*Ella has a bad diaper rash. I’m positive there’s yeast in it. Her rash is recurring. I’m sure I didn’t properly strip our cloth diapers and get rid of all the yeast last time, which is why she keeps popping up with this rash. At least in my mind that’s why. I stripped them, but then I put her right back in the diapers while she still had the rash. Duh. Obviously they’d get yeast in them again! Makes me feel like such a bad mom. Anyhoo, she’s in disposables until her butt is completely clear for a couple days and all diapers are thoroughly stripped and all clear.

5 thoughts on “relax

  1. UGH what the what?! Target without me?!?! It was bound to happen I guess !!

    I want a Kirby too!!! haha! I’ve never even seen one but I want it! NO, I have seen one similar called the Tristar, it’s awesome too!

    Good couponing! I love good deals too :) I wish I had a Target though, and a good Caitlin nearby would be nice too :)

    1. Oh Loooori! We will so go to Target every single day if you visit us again!!!!! 😉 Come on… you know you want to!! I won’t even make you cook for us! Promise!

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