the stuffed wall

I saw an amazing idea on Pinterest a couple weeks ago. We had been keeping all of the stuffed animals and babies in a laundry basket on the floor. Not only was it not too pretty, but they were way too easy for Ella to dump and drag all over creation. I decided I was going to try it, so I went to Lowes to pick up some wall mounted planters. No luck. Then Super Walmart, Target, Earl May… Nobody had them! I was majorly bumming. A few days later, I stopped in Jo-Ann to pick up blanket making material and there they were! They even had 2 kinds (short and fat or long and skinny). I ended up with 3 short fatties.

I had picked up some lovely green spray paint (gender neutral and my favorite color) when I was at SW the other day. I spray painted those babies and hung them up… An easy 1 day project. It all cost me under $35. I happened upon the planters when JA’s had them at 50% off, so they were $10 each. Awesome!

Aren’t they super cute?! This is most of our stuffed animals and babies, but few are with toys and in beds.

I love this middle one the best. It started out as all Ella’s stuff, so the colors were so soft, sweet and girly. Ki can get them down and Ella will point and try to day what she wants. :)

How do you store stuffed animals? Do you keep many, or just a few?

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