I have a lot rolling around in my brain. Today I am peaceful. Like a huge sigh of relief went through our house.

Mike got paid (woot!). We paid our electric bill. God is good.

We paid our phone bill. God is amazing. Get this. (I may be going a bit too personal, but I just can’t contain how much God rocks.) In the past when our phone bill isn’t paid on time, because – yes – it’s happened before, we’ve only been able to get incoming calls/texts (no outgoing) for a day or so, then they get completely cut off. Completely cut off = $30 extra to turn them back on. This time I was just waiting for them to get turned off completely. Each day there was no check in the mail, but the phones stayed partially on. For like a week. Yesterday when I got to pay our phone bill, they were still like that. And we didn’t have to pay the extra $30. How amazing is that?? It may not seem like a big deal, but it was so huge for me.

I got to buy tp today. That was fun. :) It’s the little things.

I’m really diggin’ these two songs (and all of the Seeds Family Worship music) this week. They’re a new discovery for me. BTW, doesn’t Grooveshark rock? Love it.

We have been blessed with such great friends. Love them. They’re there for us. We lovelovelove our connection group! They truly are like a family. I’ve always been a one or two close friends kind of girl. But lately things have changed. I find that I have a handful of close friends and it is so sweet! God is really blessing us with relationships.

He’s got our backs. And I’m so thankful for that. That he cares about silly little things like $30 on a phone bill. Or a paycheck just in time to fill up our gas tank (cuz it was seriously empty). That’s pretty rad.

So thank you God for your many many blessings! You are the absolute best ever.

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