My little 4-year-old!

Ki is really into dinosaurs, guitars, his Leapfrog, and school. He likes the hands on parts of school. Cute little guy. He is very compassionate. I love that about him. We’ve been working on his temper lately, as he forgets or chooses not to control it. Something we definitely want him to learn sooner rather than later!

Ki has had a huge learning curve the past month or two. Things are just clicking for him lately. He’s understanding tons and it’s so fun to watch! He’s a great big brother and loves Ella very much. He’s also a super helper and enjoys cooking and helping me clean.

Ki is FUNNY! He’s a little character. He is constantly cracking me up.

hilarious little dance!

Ki is getting close to reading. He knows all of his letters and the sounds they make. He is starting to get good at sounding words out. He’s also getting the hang of math. He learned how to use his fingers (which, oddly, seems to be easier than manipulatives) to add and subtract. He is constantly asking questions (please, feel free to answer some for me!). He likes to think he’s in charge. He is very loving and sweet, but rough and crazy. I honestly have no clue what he’ll end up doing because he loves such a variety of things!

A little quiz with Mom. :)

What’s your favorite…

color? yellow

sport? uhh…I like hero movies at the movie theater. [But what’s your favorite sport?] Guitar. [Explained sports again…] I like to play on your iPod and Dad’s iPod and my games. I like that whole thing. [I give up!]

shirt? I like shirts that have stuff on it.

restaurant? Every restaurant.

food? hmm, let me guess…uhh… TREATS! My favorite food are treats. Mmm mmm. So yummay.

treat? Any treat.

drink? chocolate milk

weather? uhh snow rain dark and sunny

book? none.

toy? Legos if they’re at the store. I want to buy Lego Duplos at the store! Can we, please please?

animal? Things that are in the tree. Like monkeys.

story from the Bible? none

letter? none

part of school? handwriting

Who are your friends? uhh, a lot of friends. You mean who are my cousins and friends? Uhh, hmm. Eli and Troy and Steven and Edwin, Payton and Caedmon, Cody and Tanner, and the last one is…hmm. I mean, Uncle Aaron’s my friend. Kind of.

Are you going to get married when you’re older? I don’t know. Maybe when I’m a dad I’m gonna get married. I mean, just write when I’m older I’m gonna get married.

How old? uhh, I’m gon be 76. Is that almost up to the sky?

Who do you think you will marry? Maybe Cheche. [You can’t marry Cheche, she’s your family. What girl are you gonna marry?] You! [I’m already married to Dad.] I don’t know who I can marry! Maybe I can ask who I can marry when I get bigger.

What do you want to do for work when you’re bigger? You guys are gonna take me over to where Dad works. That’s where I’m gonna work when I get bigger. [You told me you were going to be a doctor earlier today.] Oh. Yeah.

What was the best part of your life so far? Uhh, whenever I was born. [I’d have to agree! It was kind of an important part.]

Is there new stuff can you do now that you’re 4? Yes! Play on my LeapFrog on my game and not play your games, play my games on the computer. That’s what I can do!

What will you be able to do when you turn 5? Do stuff that are … That are what?! Click a question mark…

Who’s cooler – Mom or Dad? Uhh, Ella and my friends. But only girls are cute; only boys are cool.

What do you want to teach Ella while you’re 4? Walking and not hitting her head on the ground outside.

How old will you be when you start driving a car? Is 62 a little to the sky? [It’s pretty old.] 62, Mom.

What field trips do you want to go on this year? Playgrounds!

dah hihohhhohh9ih9ohh h9oh0ohoh0hp–h-h-h0h–h-000jjjknmnnkn,onhihoohojjijpj,.,lhouuouuu.moyyyoyoyoiiiy (He was writing, “I like space with bones.”)

He’s so much fun and such a blessing! For as frustrating as he can sometimes be, I would not trade this boy for the world. He is awesome! And his cheeks are squishy. I love you Ki-Ki!


5 thoughts on “My little 4-year-old!

  1. Haha! Aww cute! I like his idea of age…tottally crazy…just living one day at a time like we should, not worrying about the future, LIKE WE SHOULD! Way to go KI!

    Also, he got a leapfrog? is it the leapster? That's what Ross has. How does he like it!? Also, Ross has the exact.same.shirt! Childrens place, 4 bucks right!?

    1. Totally a CP sale! Birthday present because of his guitar love. :) He got a Leapster Explorer for his bday (spoiled by grandparents) and is slightly obsessed…

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