7 months!

I can’t believe my baby girl is 7 months already! Where does the time go? We’re over halfway to a year! Here are a few things about our “Sweet Girlie.”

  • Elle crawls super fast when there is a plastic bag, cords (thanks to Dad letting her chew on an unplugged pile last month when he rearranged the living room), paper, food, blinds, shoes… Basically anything shes not supposed to have. She knows.
  • She bites while nursing. It is not cool. If I flick her sweet little cheek/mouth, half the time she’ll pause then give me a big grin. She freaks out if her punishment is being all done nursing.
  • The little goober is pulling up! I found her kneeling in her crib starting to pull up on the rail this morning! Time to lower that mattress…pronto! (I wrote this part a few days ago… I will now amend it.) She is pulling up to standing on EVERYTHING since she figured it out yesterday. She’s probably going to meet or beat Ki’s first ER trip record of 9 months.
  • She still spits up often and a lot. Sad.
  • Girlfriend chews on everything. Really. Everything.
  • Ella likes to be in on the action. We now have a baby gate blocking her from the kitchen (and can shut doors to all other rooms). She’ll follow us around the apartment and is getting pretty fast.
  • She LOVES to be upside down, thrown around, and scared!
  • Dad and Ki can make Ella laugh the best. A few days ago she was cracking up watching Ki jump. It’s amazingly adorable.
  • This girl is persistent! If she drops something and can’t get to it (like food while eating), she’ll just stare at it until someone notices and helps her out.
  • Elle is a people watcher. She likes to observe, then try.
  • She is also inquisitive. I was putting her down for a nap after I took a shower today. She reached up and grabbed a handful of my wet hair and it just slid out of her hand. Her little head popped up off my shoulder and she had to check it out and try to eat it.
  • Ellas hair is getting so long on top that it looks messy and is in her eyes if I don’t put a clip or headband in it. It is still curly when wet/humid, but straightens out after being dry for a while.
  • She’s been taking great naps the past few days. Dead to the world. I’m not sure if it’s growing or exhaustion from going nonstop, but I’ll take it!
  • Ella sleeps from about 7:30pm – 7:30am, 9am-11am and a final nap for  couple hours at 1 or 2pm.
  • Nicknames (mainly from Ki):  Bell, Bells, Bella, Ellie, Ella Bella, Our Girlie, Sweet Girlie, Muffin, and random other on the spot names that happen to pop out of his cute little mouth. Those are the common ones though. (Just remember to replace the “ll” with a few w’s!)
  • She likes to rub her head or hold her hair while nursing/sleepy.
  • She sucks on her middle finger and only her middle finger. Super cute.
  • She’s happy. All the time. And mega adorable.

Dates to remember:

  • tooth #1 Oct. 10 (her bottom right)
  • tooth #2 Oct. 19 (her bottom left)
  • first food Oct. 16
  • yellow pepper and hard boiled egg Oct. 18 (We aren’t nuts – we were eating chef salad!)
  • strawberries and cantaloupe at Grandma’s Oct. 20
  • smoked turkey / pulled up to standing in the crib Oct. 21
  • tomatoes and gnawed on a carrot Oct. 22
  • She tried a banana in there sometime and was not a fan! It’s the only food she’s snubbed, which may be because she tried to nurse it.

Ella is so much fun! She is more work now that she’s all over the place checking stuff out, but we’re at the point where she learns or tries something new every day. I love it! :)

This is a pictureless post because I just want to get it up! I’ll be updating again sometime relatively soon with family pics (and some 7mo/4yr pics), as well as a 4th and 27th birthday!

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