I feel the need to explain a certain thing in our home. And that’s our term for male genitalia.  I’ve used it before, mainly in Ki-isms, so I figured I should let you know what it means.

Years ago, before our first bundle of boy, before we even knew he was a boy, Mike listened to some stand up comedy. He thought it was hilarious. I was informed that the term we would be using was “wally”. Odd, yes? But hey, it works!

The nice thing is that when he says it in public, no one knows what he’s talking about. That being said, it did freak Mike out once. We were hanging out with some dear friends and their 5-year-old came up to Mike.

Caedmon:  Um, Mike, Ki touched my wally.

Mike: What?! Ki did what??

Caedmon:  Ki touched my wally. holds up a Wall-E costume he had made

So now ya’all know.

a year ago…

Today (hey, it’s after midnight!) is my last day at work. For who knows how long. It’s really weird. I think I look forward to it a bit more each day. It’s still so unknown though.

A year ago now, Mike had just gotten out of a month long stay in the hospital. He had a g-tube and a j-tube, as well as weekly ( or more?) home visits from a nurse and many meds. I was 6ish weeks pregnant with Ella, who is now a rolley poley ball of goodness. Ki began cleaning his belly button with q-tips. (Trying to copy Mike cleaning his tube site a couple inches above his belly button. Mike has had the tube out for many months, but Ki will still grab a q-tip, get it wet, and clean his belly button if he sees one! It’s adorable. He wants to do everything Dad does.) (more…)

We’re home

As you have probably noticed, we’re not on Blogger anymore. I’ve moved us to using WordPress for the CMS (that’s different than having a blog). Everything you see here is on Using WordPress gives us control over anything and everything. This is my first WP site though, so we’re still figuring it out. So, if you see something wrong, please tell us, or even if you think something is missing or could be better. Next up for WP,


My dear little Ella,

You are the cutest little snuggle bug ever! You don’t like being on the floor by yourself much. You’d rather be snuggling. I attempted to let you cry it out in your crib for the first time tonight. I think I did better than when Ki was a baby, but Dad laughed at me. Apparently standing in the kitchen rocking back and forth and stuffing your face with oreos isn’t normal behavior.

I let you cry for about 5 minute chunks. What can I say, I’m a softie. Then I’d go in and give you kisses, rub your head, and talk to you and you’d calm down. But you’re too smart! You noticed when I started to sneak off! You fell asleep multiple times then woke up after I left.

Ki was so confused. I had to explain that we were trying to teach you to sleep in your own bed.

After half an hour, I though we were done. You’d been silently sleeping for a few minutes…then you woke up again. And apparently I’m not the biggest softie in the house, because Dad got you and brought you out to snuggle! (Just so you know, he was the tougher one with Ki so you must get to him. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling you this…) Anyhow, it was cute. He loves you.

Someday, my Snugglebug, you’ll have to sleep on your own. Until then, you’ll most likely be found snuggled up with me in my bed.

Love, Mom

New Look

So as you can see, we got a new look here, what do you think? Personally, I don’t like it right now, it’s so cute that I can only look at it for a few seconds at a time before I have to look at something of average attractiveness so that my head doesn’t explode. But, maybe that’s just me.

Also, I have the template available if anyone wants it. Just let us know and we can tell you how to set it up with your own background image (and how to change it whenever you want). The colors and Fonts are editable to in the fonts and colors section of your blogger dashboard too. Laters!