Trying something new…

After 7 years of ups and downs with Mike’s health and feeling stuck, like we’ve exhausted medical resources, I’m trying out some natural stuff on him. (Don’t worry, still doing all his medical jazz and seeing his doctors.) I am excited. I have hope. And I feel like people will think I’m batty. So I’m kind of keeping it on the DL…but wanted to update here. Not that anybody reads it anymore since I stink at updating. :) Though things look drab right now, like they will never turn around, God is good.

Mike’s food vices

  • diet 7up
  • carmel corn rice cakes… Hy-Vee brand only, the others are too carmel-y. I think this makes him sound nuts. Too carmel-y??
  • butterfingers
  • saltines, summer sausage and spicy mustard
  • pomegranate¬†fruit leathers – Target brand
  • ultimate caesar salad kits with bacon

He’s funny with his food.

God is GOOD!

And that’s putting it lightly. Mike saw a new doctor last week. A neurologist. Last month he had been prescribed some morphine for 1-2 days a week when his pain was too much. It continually builds, then he’d just sleep for three days to get over it. With the morphine, he could take it and forgo the 3 day sleep. But it was morphine. And we know that isn’t ideal.

New Doctor gave him some tramadol to try. It’s not a controlled substance and it’s not addictive. And it worked pretty dang well. Praise the Lord!

New Doctor (I didn’t go and don’t know his name) also prescribed COQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid, both supplements. COQ10 was $16 for 20 days worth at Target. I hit up Walgreens and they had a little over 2 months for $42. So about $20 a month. But wait! They had a buy one, get one deal going on, making it $10 a month! (And making the ALA $5.50 a month.) See? God rocks. Pretty cool.

Both of these supplements are being researched and sound amazing! When we get new breakthroughs like this it’s happy…but I also start getting ticked. Why didn’t doctors think of this before? Goodness knows we’ve been to plenty. No point flipping out about it though, it is over and done with.

That’s my exciting news. Just had to share.

chronic sickness

As summer rolls around, Mike is feeling worse. It’s a real bummer. I never really knew that chronically ill people have seasons. But they do and he does. The first 4 years of our marriage, Mike was in the hospital for some part of July (the entire month the last time). (more…)