Ki’s Quiz – 6 years!

I asked Ki these questions when he was 4. Thought it’d be fun to ask again so I could compare answers. :)

What’s your favorite…

color? red

sport? Every.

shirt? Uhh… I have a lot of ’em. [Can you tell me about one?] Can I tell you about one I want? [Sure.] Well, yesterday, I was playing Angry Birds Star Wars, and, it showed shirts you can buy and a few of them I wanted. Because they looked cool.

restaurant? I have, like, 3 favorite restaurants. Pizza Ranch that’s in Des Moines (Stpry City) aaaand, uh, Chili’s and Hickory Park.

food? Um, fruit.

treat? Um, all of them.

drink? Mmm, water and pop and all the other treat drinks. And not plain milk, but flavored milk.

weather? That’s a hard one. I think sunny.

book? I think my favorite book so far is that cat one that we got from the library. Oh, Chester! Chester.

toy? Video games.

animal? I have a lot of those, but I’ll tell  you one of my favorite animals. Cheetah!

story from the Bible? Daniel and the Lions.

letter? K [Why?] Because it’s the first letter in my name.

part of school? When I go to CC and Kindergarten.

Who are your friends? I can’t tell all of them, but I’ll tell some. Payton, Caedmon, Reagan, Maddie, Max, Ravi (from K), Blair, Townes, Elena aaaand that’s about all I remember.

Are you going to get married when you’re older? Haha! Mmmm. (I dunno.)

How old? Um, 100!

Who do you think you will marry? If I do? Ummmm, Elena.

What do you want to do for work when you’re bigger? Wait, what does Dad do for his work? [Web Design.] I wanna Web Design!

What was the best part of your life so far? A lot of parts. A ton a ton a ton.

Is there new stuff can you do now that you’re 6? I can go to the bathroom. Well I mean, I can hold Fenton.

What will you be able to do when you turn 7? Umm, I dunno. Probably be able to, um, I dunno.

Who’s cooler – Mom or Dad? Both!

What do you want to teach Ella while you’re 6? To go to the bathroom by herself. Wait! Actually, to do handstands and cool tricks and stuff. Ans also, when Fenton’s 2 I might be 8 and I’ll teach him to do that cool stuff, too!

What do you want to teach Fenton while you’re 6? To talk.

How old will you be when you start driving a car? Um, I think 17.

What field trips do you want to go on this year? To… I don’t know. Well here’s one thing I wanna do while I’m 6. Well, Christmas. I want to go to Grab Bag!

Ki-isms (111th ed.)

Ki, apologizing for swiping part of Ella’s granola bar: Ella, I’m sorry for helping you eat your food.

Ki dances from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

“Hey Mom. We’re brothers and we’re both laying on the blanket on our tummies with our feet up. We’re like twins!”

“Hey Ella! This is how you bow down to God.”

Ki about bedtime, “If you hear any naughtiness that would be Ella.”

While talking about how old you have to be to drink coffee…

Ella: Grampas get coffee.

Ki: Yeah. He’s REALLY old enough! … I think it’s the only thing he chugs up.

Ki, apologizing for swiping part of Ella’s granola bar: Ella, I’m sorry for helping you eat your food.

Ki-isms (110th ed.)

We just had a right of passage over here. I asked Ki to add eggs to our list and just noticed eggs and poop were added. :)

“Ella this is cool, right? It’s like I’m a window washer because I’m up high and I’m cleaning.” Ki sitting on his bed wiping down walls.

Ki and Ella are playing trains (a line of chairs). After Ella gave him her ticket, he said, “And pleeease, everybody turn off your cell phones!” You can tell he’s been to a couple movies with his aunts and uncle lately.

Ki was explaining about how he was trying to wash pee down the drain.
Dad: Why did you pee in the tub??
Ki: Ella told me to.

“Hey Ella, do you wanna go eat something healthy? I’m starving. We ate breakfast like an hour ago!”

Bookman! It’s Bookman!!




Ki-isms (109th ed.)

Just heard Ki tell Ella, “Stop saying that or yer toast! You are toast!” For some reason it’s so funny to me coming from him.

Ki:  Hey Ella. Look.

Ella:  Ah you Gwumpa?

Ki:  Yeah!

Both:  Hahaha!

Ki just had Ella say (to himself):  You’re the craziest in our family.

“Mmmm. Dad and Chili’s are great, great, GREAT at making corn.”

“Bye Mom! And don’t be nursing him when I get back. Cuz I wanna see him.”

“Look, Ella. I don’t have any arms. (in his shirt) They were cut off by a woodchuck. Oh. Look. I got one back. They other one is still woodchucked.”

Ki just jumped onto the lovesac from his bed and yelled COTTON BALL!! Close. So close. 😉

“Hey Mom, look what I have! A handle stopper!”

Ki is cracking me up! Mike’s wheelchair is out from our zoo trip and he has barely walked today. He’s been maneuvering himself around our apartment in it.

Finally got my baby back to nurse, but when it’s 4 I HAVE to give him back. 😉

Tired after a long, fun day at the Omaha Zoo. Also, I just noticed Ki’s face. He had some great poses today. :) That kid cracks me up!

Ki about Fenton nursing… “Wow. That man’s thirsty.”

“Mom. I have to tell you something and I’m not being mean… I’m better at riding my bike than you are cuz you, uh, have a baby and you used to have a fat belly.” accompanied by a bashful look

“One time, when I was nursing Fenton…” talking about giving him a bottle.

Ki-isms (108th ed.)

Very nervous for when Ki is a teenager. He has informed me he will be drinking coffee every day.

While riding with in the Crawfords‘ van, per Jess:  Ki in the van this morning, “Let me tell you about me and whipped cream….” Followed by a long explanation of how sometimes he likes whipped cream and sometimes he doesn’t.

Ki, in song while getting some cereal: “I hate the devil. I hate the devil. I should not love the devil. I should not kiss the devil. He is definitely – hh h h h – disobedient.”

“How come he (Fenton) always gets to eat at night and Ella and I don’t??”

“Mom, does this mean that in 5 years dinosaurs are coming back again?” Shows me the back of his dinosaur sticker book where it says ‘5 years and up.’ SO hard not to laugh at that one!!

Ki’s latest Siri question: I love my sister; how should I treat her better?