Fent-o’s 9th month


  • crawls – no more scootching!
  • lets go while standing for a few seconds
  • walks all over holding onto furniture, walls, his walker, etc.
  • Fent still goes to bed about 7/8 and wakes up 1-3 times. Boo.He’s a skunk.
  • I thought he was giving up a nap or two. However, I think I was wrong. He’s been taking a morning, afternoon and sometimes evening nap lately. He is reeeeally good at waking up as you lay him down though.
  • climbs stairs! We have to block them now.
  • books it for the fridge if someone opens it.
  • shower
  • all done
  • more
  • ball
  • milk
  • play
  • hi/bye
  • ma! mamama
  • da! dada
  • ba ba (bye bye)
  • ba! uhhba! (done! all done!)
  • food! He finally likes apple sauce. He makes the best faces while he eats it.
  • Ki and Ella – they crack him up!
  • giving kisses. If I pucker and say “mmmm” he kisses me! He likes to plant it right on the lips.
  • being on the go and exploring. He tries to get outlets and doorstops, stick his hand in the VCR, etc.
  • being naked
  • getting bundled up still. 😛
  • awesome. a joy.
  • a snugglebug

Dates to remember:

  • February 1 – said Nana
  • Feb. 2 – let go and stood for a few seconds

8 month Fent-o

Fent’s 8th month was a big one!


  • all done
  • milk
  • play
  • waves hi/bye
  • ball
  • ma ma ma
  • ba ba (bye bye)
  • ah dah (all done)
  • bah (ball)


  • pulls up super fast
  • walks around stuff
  • kisses
  • plays patty cake
  • so big
  • gets into everything
  • loves eating
  • figured out he can sit down from standing
  • Fent has been going to bed around 7/8 and sleeping about 12 hours. He still wakes up 1-3 times.
  • He thinks he needs to eat every few hours.
  • He often has to be put in bed to fall asleep. He’s like his big brother and just gets more wound when he’s tired. You have to stick him by himself with no stimulation. 😉

  • duplos, especially the little car
  • his plug
  • eating/nursing
  • snuggles
  • books
  • Ki and Ella
  • holding still for diaper changes
  • not getting food when others have it
  • getting bundled up in his dog outfit and hat, then falls asleep in the van


  • 18 lbs
  • fitting 12 month clothes best (but sometimes wears bigger/smaller duds)
  • super happy and rolly

Dates to remember:

  • Jan 1:  Noticed tooth #2! His bottom right. He took a really good nap the afternoon of the 31st (3.5 hours). I think after he pops a tooth he gets a nice, pain free rest. He’s a very good teether! Just a bit snotty, which the amber necklace fixed in a few hours.
  • Jan 3:  Fent started kissing me! I got lots of big, open mouth kisses. Love it.

(Top 3 pics by Danny Vasquez)

trust and obey

Ella woke up with a song on her heart and was singing it all morning.

Trust & Obey from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

Then she bowed. It made my morning.

her bow… from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

Then Ki needed a video of himself. (Note his wrist. He said he was going to wear the tape thing all the time. Ha!)

Ki plays from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

And last but not least, Bro started saying bye-bye lay night. So cute!

Ba-bye from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

7 month Fenty!

Sweet, chunky Fenton is really getting around lately!

  • Fenton is such a happy guy! All Ki has to do is look at him and he gets the biggest belly laugh. Daddy can really get him going, too.
  • He scootches all over the place. He gets up onto his knees and tries to actually crawl, but isn’t quite there yet. If it’s something one of the kids puts down he goes even faster.
  • Bro is the fattest of my babies so far. Cracks me up.
  • His hair is starting to go over his ears. It drives Dad nuts. So cute.
  • Fent loves to nurse. And eat.
  • He’s a cord lover, just like his sister was. And Dad still gives unplugged cords to play with.
  • He tries to pull up on stuff. He will scootch up onto a lap and try to stand from there or grab stuff off of the coffee table.
  • I tried adding more cheese into my diet a week or two ago and Fenton started spitting up more and acting fussier. Bummer.
  • Fenton loves to be in on the action. He is such a little chatter box.
  • He is becoming such a sweet little snuggler. Nuzzling his head into my shoulder. I love it.
  • He is pretty good at putting his plug in his mouth. He will also take it out and chuck it if he’s trying to fight sleep.
  • He still doesn’t sleep as well as his big siblings. He had an 8 hour stretch a couple nights ago and then a 3-4 hour nap (the night after his tooth popped). That was glorious.
  • Fent loves taking baths. He splashes the water and makes a big mess.
  • He growls and waves hi/bye.
Dates to remember:
  • November 22 (Thanksgiving):  first food
  • December 26:  first tooth (his bottom left)

Here’s Ella at 7 months and Ki.

Fry Guy is 6 months!

My littlest man is getting so big! Oh, he is so squishy and adorable. (I should probably update the header, hey?)

  • Fenton is a mover and a shaker. He scootches and rolls all over the place (until he gets stuck on a piece of furniture). He has been getting his knees up under him often, but isn’t doing technical crawling movements. Sure doesn’t hold him back though!
  • If Ki or Ella drops something, he moves SO fast to get it before they pick it up! It’s funny.
  • Fent is a pretty good sitter. Very sturdy. He will sit for a few minutes then either plops over on accident, to get something, or gets picked up or moved by someone.
He did this to himself.
  • Fenty had his first food on his 6 month birthday, aka Thanksgiving! He tried some turkey, yams and mashed potatoes. He’s had food a couple other times. He has so much fun playing with mashed potatoes the day after Thanksgiving! He wants to eat SO badly. Any time I eat he eyeballs it and tries to snitch it. (Otherwise I would have waited a bit longer.) We are doing Baby Led Weaning with Fent, as we did with Ella. LOVE it.
He stole my roll!
  • I am still trying to limit my dairy for Fenton’s sake. He seems to do ok with baked in dairy. I eat about a slice of cheese a day, a smidge of butter and steer clear of milk and ice cream. Boo.
  • He cat naps. So annoying. Sometimes he will take a nice, long afternoon nap. Usually he wakes up when he’s laid down. I want to get him on a better schedule. He is so spoiled from when I was trying to up his weight. He slept so awesome until I started waking him up to feed him. It was all downhill from there. :)
  • Fent started saying Dada on Mike’s birthday. :) He loves chattering away.
  • His brother and sister love him so much! He’s a lucky guy.
  • His hair is coming in so even! I love his fuzzy little head. Mike hasn’t threatened to cut it yet. He has the best head of hair at this age of all of our kids. Haha!
  • Lately everyone says he looks like Ki.
supposed to be nursing
  • He weighs 16lbs, 8 oz and is 25″ long. (I think the height may be off. That’s what his height was at 5 months when I measured him.) He’s definitely filled out. My little chunk!
  • He LOVES books! He also likes stuffed animals (specifically Ella’s Perry the Platypus) and blankets.
  • He plays a mean game of singles peek-a-boo. He will lie on his back and put a blanket over his face, then pull it down and laugh. Then he’ll do it again.
  • He likes to smack things. His right hand and arm really get going. Sometimes I wonder if he’s waving, but usually he just smacks.
  • Fent still has blue eyes. His hair seems to be getting lighter.  Boo. 😉 It’s light brown right now.

  • He is such a happy, sweet boy! He has a great laugh. He is ticklish on his thighs, back and shoulders.
celery from thosewandlings on Vimeo.

Oh, how we love you little Fenton John! You are SUCH a good, sweet, happy, loving baby.

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