Month 15!

Fenton, you are such a funny little guy. We love you so much. I think you are going to be our little comedian. Here are some things about you at 15 months.

  • You are popping 6 teeth this month! Poor baby. All 4 molars and 2 more bottom teeth. You’re handling it pretty well, but oh so drooly.
  • You love dogs (dah! dah!) and balls (ball-bah!).
  • You give hugs and kisses.
  • You love to eat. You also love to throw your food on the floor.
  • You hit. You’re a stinker. When you don’t get your way you get a major attitude and throw a fit. It’s pretty ridiculous…and cute.
  • You Are a good little napper. You wake up about 7/8 and nap for two hours at 9 or 10. Then you take another 2ish hour nap in the afternoon. You go to bed about 7/8 and wake up around midnight and one other time in the night…but you recently got booted from our room and we are dropping that early morning feeding. Momma needs sleep!
  • You love your ni-night. You grab it and stand up waiting to be picked up out of your bed.
  • You are OBSESSED with your plug. Obsessed. You love having one in your mouth and one in a hand. When you’re going to sleep, you stick your pointer finger in your plug. You have a dog Wubbanub coming in the mail…and you’re going to freak out when it arrives. Two of your fav’s.
  • You love my water m ore than your own – even if your cup has a straw, too. You’ll probably be the healthiest kid because you are always snitching my water with oils in it.
  • You love doing somersaults. You stand and then bend and put your head on the ground and wait for someone to roll you over.
  • You Love going for bike rides and will stand at my bike and holler until I take you. But you don’t like wearing your helmet. 😉

Happy Birthday Bro!

Dear, sweet little FentFry,

You are such an adorable little guy. Such a little lover. You really love giving kisses. A couple days ago I said I loved you and you walked over and gave me a kiss. It was awesome.

You love having a rag and wiping everything down. You like chewing on cloth. You can be found walking around with a sock hanging out of your mouth.

You are a blanket boy. When I get you up from bed, you are often holding your blanket. You are really attached to your Wubbanub plug.  You like to hold your plug while you nurse and suck on it a little multiple times in the middle of nursing.

You point! I love it, so cute. You also reach for people to pick you up. When I open your door after nap, you’re often reaching for me and get excited. You are also a little stinker. You pick who you want to hold you based on how easily they will let you down. You like to be on the go.

You are a climber. You love to be with people. You love playing with Ki and Ella. Ki is an awesome big brother and loves to play with you. Ella is learning to be a great big sister and getting so cute!

Birthday breakfast in Minnesota!








Dinner with Morgans







Eleven. Months.

Eleven months is unreal. I cannot believe My baby boy will be one next month! Make it stop!

Fenton, you are SO fun right now. The day you turned 10 months you started taking 1-2 steps and got up to 7. Then you stopped. You’d take a couple steps and drop to crawl. This past week you just decided to full on walk. So now you walks everywhere and it’s adorable! You usually have your fists out in front of you. Cute cute.

On April 18th you popped 2 teeth! That was a LONG time coming. You have been a napping champ the past few days!

You still are not sleeping through the night. Little punk! The norm lately is Sleeping about 7:30pm-7:30am, waking up to nurse around 11, 2 and 4. Sometimes you’ll nurse and go back to sleep in the morning, sometimes you don’t. You’ve been napping about 10-12 and 2-4/5. I think you’re going through a growth spurt (you’re thinning out) and will start sleeping better soon.

You love watching yourself in the camera and taking pictures.

You go to sleep awesome on your own. I can put you in bed awake and you fuss for maybe a minute and then give in. Glorious. Thank you. 😉

You are such a sweet, happy boy. Dad thinks you’re going to be our sensitive kiddo. If we get after you for something (you really like cords and trash…) you get upset.

You like playing with balls, duplos and Little People. Your favorite duplos are the ones with wheels. You drive them and it’s so cute. Such a little boy!

You LOVE being naked. If I let you escape during a diaper change you crawl SO fast. It’s funny.

You are starting to play with your brother and sister more. It’s cute.

You love to eat. Nursing and real food. You’re getting pretty good at feeding yourself, too.

You’re started climbing into things the past few days. Too funny. You can’t get out though, so you yell and start fussing.

You’re starting to like blankets. Your favorite is currently a fuzzy light blue blanket with satin edges. You’ve been holding it standing up the past few times I’ve gotten you up.

Here’s your big bro at just over 11 months and your big sis at 11 months.