You don’t see that in public school!

You know all those fun and funny things you can do because you homeschool? We have a lot of the around here! Sitting on the counter to do handwriting, candy for math manipulatives, reviewing memory work while playing at a park… Well here’s where you share them!

Each Monday we will post some recent goofiness that we’re up to. Post some of your own and link up over here! I’d love to get some new ideas to use with this freedom called homeschooling.

Barton Bash

We’ve hung out with the Bartons a couple times lately. We work well as last minute folk. :) And our kids get along really well, despite Ki and Roman’s 2 year age dif. They’re cute. And our littles must get married. They’re just too adorable and Elle loves her Bido!

leapfrog help



Today we went to Fareway and I tried to round and keep track of how much I was spending. Some items I rounded up, some down to hopefully get close. I was guessing $71 or $72. My total was $71.49. I was pretty impressed with myself. Apparently enough so that I felt the need to blog about it.

We are in the process of switching from our Verizon plan (who I have been with since I was 16 – 11 years!) to t-Mobile pay as you go because it’s a much better deal for us. We really don’t need as many minutes as we did on Verizon’s lowest family plan. I got phones at Target last week and went to exchange Mike’s. I had bough him the cheapest phone, thinking he’s upgrade to an unlocked iPhone when he had the money, but he decided not to and wanted a keyboard. The cheapest with a keyboard (like mine) was sold out. And on sale. Wal-Mart wouldn’t match it because it wasn’t in the paper ad. Butts. So Mike is phoneless until I figure out what to do…cuz I’m cheap and don’t want to pay $10 extra at WM. We can switch out the SIM cards on my phone and check his stuff though, I guess. Mine is still in the process of acquiring my Verizon and isn’t working to make calls/texts. They screwed it up the first time, so only Mike’s got moved. Here’s hoping it gets done today! I’m tired of carrying 2 phones (my old and new) never knowing which will ring at me. And that’s my phone saga, in case anybody cared.

Mike’s been having a rough few weeks. :(  Not feeling well. I hate it. There’s nothing I can do to make him feel better and that just stinks. Christmas will probably make it worse because he always needs a day or two to recover from events like that.

Ki is reading like gangbusters! He’s starting to pick up books on his own and read them, instead of me making him spend time reading. LOVE it! He reads to Ella a lot, which is adorable (and handy). 😉

Ella is a little chatterbox/copycat/nut. She is too funny. She basically follows Ki around and makes messes all day. And colors and begs to paint. Cute girly.

I’m getting close on Christmas presents. I’ve slacked the past few evenings. I’m down to the boring finishing touches. I need to buckle down and finish up tonight! Hopefully. Almost a week early, though! This is improvement.

Laundry Soap

I just made some laundry detergent for the first time since December. Love it. I made it for a while in the past, but it was a simpler recipe and didn’t work very well for getting our clothes clean. Also, I had used Fels Naptha soap and it would leave grease stains on our clothes and I hate the smell of it. Here’s the recipe I just made our 2nd glorious batch of, posted below for ease. Now I won’t have to buy or make more until July or August of next year! This includes the many times I re-wash because I didn’t dry my clothes soon enough. Ha! Oops.

Here are the thangs ya need:

  • 1 box borax
  • 1 container dye-free Oxy Clean (with the neon green lid)
  • 2 – 3.75lb boxes Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
  • 2 – 4lb boxes baking soda
  • 9 bars Zote soap*
  • 5 gallon tub (I got mine at target for less than $5, but know some paint stores sell them too.)

Dump all your powders into your container. Blend your soap up (explained below) and dump it in. Roll it around until it’s all mixed together. Ella helped me. :) Use 2T- 1/4c per load. Honestly though, I usually use 1 heaping T for our clothes and 2 heaping for towels and underwear. I’m pretty sensitive to detergents (always had to use Tide before), but this hasn’t bothered me at all.

Don't mind the diaper. We were getting ready for bed.

I bought the borax and oxy clean and Target. They didn’t have the washing soda, so I got that and the baking soda at Hy-Vee. (more…)

un-paper towels

I’m finally getting around to posting about these for you, Sara! :) Really, I just finished them night before last and they had to dry 24 hours so they were ready last night! I’ll explain that in a bit.

I decided to use 2 layers of flannel for my towels. I used 1 for Ella’s cloth wipes and they work well, but are flimsier and less absorbent than I wanted for a “paper” towel. I chose darker colors so that stains wouldn’t show as much. I went with brown and green cuz I like them. :) I waffled about whether to do all brown and all green, or the 2 tone deal. I decided to make them all the same with a green side and a brown side. Back to the cloth wipes, they were pre-serger. They frayed a lot. (They still work well as butt wipes though!) I was uber excited to serge the edges on these because of that. Yay!

I started with 3 yards of each color, washed them (it shrinks, friends!) and cut them into 12″ x 6″ rectangles.

with a paper towel for comparison

I serged them with rounded corners so (more…)