pregnancy nothings

This a random post in which I talk about whatever I feel like or think of. Some of it may be TMI for you. So you know. It’s a natural thang.

  • I’m 40 weeks tomorrow.
  • 3 weeks ago I was 2 cm and thick, not effaced at all. 2 weeks ago was the same. I cried. 1 week ago I didn’t get checked because I didn’t want to cry. Today I was still 2 cm, but 80% effaced. So that was happy!
  • 3 weeks ago I lost a pinky sized piece of my mucus plug, plus more chunks throughout the day. Not much since, so I’m presuming it has regenerated by now. Bummer.
  • I lost 1/2 lb this week, which my midwife said is often a sign that labor is near. For what it’s worth.
  • Jess told me her goal was always to squat and be able to have her butt touch the ground. So I tried. And I can do it.
  • I’ve been having low cramps occasionally for about a week or more.
  • I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks or contractions, but I didn’t really with the other two until I was in labor. So no big deal.
  • This one is weird, but I remember it from Ella’s pregnancy too. Where there are seams on my clothes, it hurts when I wake up. As in this morning, where the seam around the back of my right shoulder, the one down my side on my shirt, the underwear seam on my hip and the seam down my thigh on my sweats that were between me and the bed all hurt. It’s odd. Anyone else have this happen?
  • I’m still 12 lbs less than my final weight with Ella. I can’t remember Ki’s but Ella’s was more.
  • I feel pukey randomly and like light meals.
  • Right now I wish I was eating at El Azteca.
  • I’ve dropped. Thursday night my belly was really hard and pointy and the baby was wiggling a lot. The next morning I was pretty sure that’s what it was.
  • Mike has decided he is calling this baby a boy until it’s born. I’ve been thinking it’s a girl, but he has always been right. We shall see!
  • I have fat face.
  • I still don’t waddle. Score!
  • I have trouble getting to sleep and then no trouble sleeping when it’s time to get up. : / I’ve been napping nearly every day. I’m super tired.
  • With the other kids I was SO ready to be done being pregnant. With this one I’m ok with the being pregnant, but I want my baby!
last Tuesday


Thursday morning


Friday morning (after the drop)


Big Belly

I’m pregnant, promise.


Totally didn’t realize how big I was until I took these and saw them on the computer. And my legs are one of the main reasons I think I’m having a girl. I gained a lot there with Ella too. Lovely, huh? And a bit of fat face going down, but not nearly as much as with Elle. :)

Happy 37 weeks, Baby!

And for comparison, here are Ki and Ella at 37.

We’re legal!

I had a midwife appointment Monday. I had to get my group b strep test, so she checked me as well. I’m 2 cm, at -2 and still pretty thick. She could feel the baby’s head and said it’s pretty low. Yay! I’m 37 weeks yesterday/today depending on who ya ask.

TMI pregnancy stuff… I’ve been losing pieces of my mucus plug since last Monday. With Ki I never saw it. With Ella I lost it in 2-3 large chunks the week before I had her. So yeah. Not sure that it means I’ll be having this one super soon, but it shows that stuff it happening! I started taking Red Raspberry Leaf capsules and using Evening Primrose Oil a couple days ago.

I’m having trouble sleeping/waking up. SO tired. And sore. But thankful for a healthy pregnancy and baby. I need to squat and walk more.

I got the ok to go to TX if I’ve had the baby. She said she wouldn’t go the day after, but after that she’s fine with it and thinks it sounds like a fun, relaxing time.

Here’s my list of stuff to have for the delivery. Just thought it may be interesting to some what you have to get for a home birth. (Obviously it would vary depending on who is helping you.)

  • plastic (like cheap painters plastic to tape on couches/floors/whatev in case I am wandering and sitting and leaking stuff)
  • XL disposable underpads (like chucks) – 2 big packs
  • poise pads – biggest, most absorbant
  • towels (lots if doing a water birth, which I am not)
  • container for placenta with a snap tight top like gladware (This one cracked me up! Because, as she said, we don’t want the placenta sloshing around in the car. She takes all of the bio stuff to her farm and burns it. Also cracks me up. I’m not saving or encapsulating my placenta.)
  • garbage bags
  • paper towels
  • flashlight
  • peroxide
  • complete set of clothing for mom and baby (I have boy and girl onesies!)
  • food and drink for mom
  • food and drink for others there
  • recording/picture equipment
  • celebration plans/supplies

Also, while getting my list of stuff to have for the delivery she talked about after the baby. She said most people don’t go to sleep after having their baby. They are up in their living room or kitchen. Some go out for steak or whatever they’ve been craving, but not able to fit in their little stomach. Some freeze a cake, then pull it out when they are in labor and it is thawed for a birthday party when they have the baby. She suggested making the day memorable and special. It was funny to me.

I LOVE how different it is from a hospital birth. After Ella, I was ready to take a shower almost immediately, but they wouldn’t let me. I had to wait at least an hour (and I think eat something). With this one, she said after I have the baby I will take a hot bath with the baby to relax us and regulate the baby’s temp and try nursing if it hasn’t yet. Then after, I suppose…party. 😉

I’m excited for it. I’ve been looking forward to this labor since right after I had Ella. Seriously. Yeah, the unknown is a bit nerve wracking, but that’s just lack of control. Weird as it sounds, I enjoy birthing my babies. (Random thing, I’m curious to see if I have this one in the 3pm hour like my other two.)


  • had an appt today
  • heartbeat in the 140’s as per usual
  • head down (like 2 weeks ago)
  • facing back with spine right up agains my belly (closest the nures said she’d felt to the surface)
  • super active
  • BP low still – good low
  • I gained 2.5lbs in 2 weeks, so for the past month I’m about 1-1.25lbs/week. I’m down with that! (I’m still about 25lbs below my final weight with Ella. Ha!)
  • still no vag. checks until my next appt. (Unlike past when I had one at the beginning, 36 weeks and then almost every appt after that.)
  • I’m ‘legal’ in 3 weeks, but not expecting anything. Just weird to think about.
  • still thinking it’s a girl
  • Betty White’s Off Their Rocker may put me into labor. It’s funny.
  • I visited the incontinence aisle After my appt. stocked up on the goods I needed for having this booger.
  • My bed is vinyled for birth and milk and pee and puke. Yum.
  • I’m super excited to go to bed because I finally purchased a 2″ memory foam mattress topper. Comfy.
  • I also bought an extra firm king size pillow. I’m gonna be sleeping gooood tonight!
  • Making my bed is a full on workout. My absolute least favorite pregnancy activity.

33 weeks + music videos

I have fat face. One of the worst things about pregnancy to me. :( Sad. So, so sad. Ki took these belly shots for me. Definitely not the most flattering! Also no make-up. Oh well though. They show my belly.

The little loves.

“Onna see it!”

And now, some music videos. I know it’s why you came to this post, eh? 😉 This child cracks me up. Mike and I were laughing to much over this video a bit ago.

Then he went all CC presentation on me. :) Adorable. BTW, this is a big milestone for us. At the beginning of the year I had to sneak videos of him singing like this. Today I asked if I could tape him and he even brought me that camera. I LOVE CC!

Anything he does, she has to do. But first, the big brother explanation.

And Elle singing. I love her sweet little voice!