Be the 8

I’m so excited for this new venture we’re starting up! Our good friends, Jason and Jess, are in the process of adopting. Mike and I have always had a heart for adoption, we just aren’t there yet. However, we are super pumped to be partnering with Crawfords on a new web site – Be the 8!

Go check it out and enter your email so you can get a little notice when Mike gets the site up and running! One of our first things will be selling tshirts with this awesome image (Jess’ creative idea and Mike’s genius implementation) to help support the Crawfords adoptions! Woot woot! It’s going to rock your socks.

Also, check out and LIKE our Facebook page!

We’re home

As you have probably noticed, we’re not on Blogger anymore. I’ve moved us to using WordPress for the CMS (that’s different than having a blog). Everything you see here is on Using WordPress gives us control over anything and everything. This is my first WP site though, so we’re still figuring it out. So, if you see something wrong, please tell us, or even if you think something is missing or could be better. Next up for WP,

New Look

So as you can see, we got a new look here, what do you think? Personally, I don’t like it right now, it’s so cute that I can only look at it for a few seconds at a time before I have to look at something of average attractiveness so that my head doesn’t explode. But, maybe that’s just me.

Also, I have the template available if anyone wants it. Just let us know and we can tell you how to set it up with your own background image (and how to change it whenever you want). The colors and Fonts are editable to in the fonts and colors section of your blogger dashboard too. Laters!

This new look.

A few of you have noticed and commented on the new {boring} layout around here. Parts of ours suddenly quit working. I think it was links to images, so it was mostly white. Until we decide what we want next, it’s this free template. Right now we’re busy working on other stuff so it may be a bit!

{I, Mike, would also like to comment that it was not my links that were messed up, my code was immaculate it was blogger and or the host. thankyou}