Mikey Mike

Mike is staying in the hospital another night. He hasn’t really eaten anything of note for about 9 days (and has been on a clear liquid diet since coming in to the hospital), so his job today is to try eating. He’s looking much better today though. Hopefully he gets out of jail tomorrow. :) His brother, Matt, is getting married on Saturday and he’s a groomsman, plus a rehearsal & dinner Friday (thankfully the dinner’s at his parents’ so he can rest if needed). We have a busy weekend coming up! I’m off tomorrow and Friday (YAY!) so I’ll probably hang out with Mike until he’s sprung, then maybe we’ll go to his parents. He can rest and I can help out with getting ready. I feel the need to be active and not just sit around lately.

So there’s my little update. Oh! Also, I emailed a bunch of people last week (from all around the midwest) about islet cell transfers. I’ve gotten a few emails back and am waitlin for a phone call. Today at work I’m making my job be checking out a site suggested by one of them (she said # 28 & 34).

Also, I forgot to add this to my sweet post yesterday. I got home from the hospital last night to put my little man to bed around 9 and my lawn was freshly mowed! It’s my new neighbors who are uber nice (she even bought Ki bubbles last week). I could tell because they have a gas-less mower. I really like how it cuts. It’s really short. It really needed it though and was one more thing I had on my brain. Awesome!


I need to unwind. Yesterday I stayed home because Mike wasn’t doing well. Ki and I had some good times including the library and bubbles while Mike got some sleep in. I though he was maybe doing a bit better. He was up a little last evening. He ended up going to his mom’s with Ki after I went to work today. Clue #1 he wasn’t doing good. (more…)

pump it up

Mike (and somewhat Ki…he slept folded in half on Mike’s lap) had an appointment with diabetic education today to discuss the pump he is supposed to get. There’s a cool new pump out that Mike actually found online a couple weeks ago. It’s called an OmniPod and is tubeless. (The fact that it has “Pod” in the name is an added perk for Mike.) It looks like a PDA that remotely connects to a “pod” with a cath in it that stores the insulin. So he would just program in how much insulin to give (still checking blood with finger pokes) then it would automatically do it.

Anyway, he went to hear the DE people out and get this over with. He planned on going somewhere else if they didn’t have the OmniPod, but they did! That makes out lives a bit easier. So now it’s paperwork time. I can’t remember how much the PDA part costs initially, but the pod & insulin is $300/month before insurance. Here’s hoping insurance is nice to us! (Current insulin is about $60/mo, so if we could get about that level it’d be lovely.)

As for Mike’s post regarding the pancreas…we’re not sure what we’re doing. There is a clinical trial that my mom found. They cath you and put islets from someone else up into your liver, then they naturally migrate down to your pancreas and start working. They are supposed to make you not (or less) insulin dependant. 20% of the time it doesn’t work, but with the transplant 30% of the time it is rejected. So it’s better odds…and only a 2 day hospital stay.

The catch with this they want the hypoglycemic unawareness (like with the pancreas transplant). So since Mike knows his body and knows when he is low, he is penalized. There is one in Omaha that will accept people who have severe complications with diabetes, but it’s invitation only. So I guess now our job is to get invited to Omaha, or convince Mayo that they should do it on him because of complications.

Oh yeah. Added bonus! Because it’s a clinical trial, I’m really hoping it’s FREE!


So we got a call from Iowa City a few days ago telling us that we couldn’t get any sort of insurance for a transplant because a “pancreas only” transplant is considered experimental still since they have not done enough to get enough data to know exactly what will happen. So for now we’re back to square one, no fixes and not to much for treatments either. I’ve got an appointment to talk to someone about getting a pump, which would help a little. A pump would mean I could react to high blood sugars a little faster, but I would still have high blood sugars due to stomach problems. I did find a pump that looked interesting and I’m going to ask about it. It’s called omnipod and is tubeless, just a small deal you stick on yourself and is controlled wirelessly from a small PDA looking device. But I’m not getting my hopes up for our insurance letting me get that one.

By the way, my blogs back up at mikewandling.blogspot.com, it’s nothing pretty (hopefully that will change here in a while), but it’s up.