a year ago…

Today (hey, it’s after midnight!) is my last day at work. For who knows how long. It’s really weird. I think I look forward to it a bit more each day. It’s still so unknown though.

A year ago now, Mike had just gotten out of a month long stay in the hospital. He had a g-tube and a j-tube, as well as weekly ( or more?) home visits from a nurse and many meds. I was 6ish weeks pregnant with Ella, who is now a rolley poley ball of goodness. Ki began cleaning his belly button with q-tips. (Trying to copy Mike cleaning his tube site a couple inches above his belly button. Mike has had the tube out for many months, but Ki will still grab a q-tip, get it wet, and clean his belly button if he sees one! It’s adorable. He wants to do everything Dad does.) (more…)

Blessed Be

When Mike and I got married, we sang and recorded the song Blessed Be and I walked down the aisle to it. I think I wanted it because I was walking down alone. (My Dad passed away when I was 5.) It was bittersweet. And God was still there and still glorified. In the happy and the sad times. (more…)


Mike and I have been talking a lot lately. That’s not new, we’ve always been like that. We’ve been talking about living radically for God. So far it’s been pretty cool.

We bought a couch and projector…so it’s easier to have people over. (Actually this was super hard for me. I hate spending large chunks of money!) We’re also hanging out with family more, specifically his older little siblings. It’s fun. Oh, and helping others even when we’re busy.

I really like it. I feel like I have less time for myself, but I’m more fulfilled. And I’m excited to see how God uses us in the future. And how the people around us change. Oh, also how it impacts Ki’s life.

You should try it.

P.S. If this post sounds weird and disjointed…it was written while listening to a biology lecture online! Multi-tasking, baby,

Mike Update

I’ve tried to visit Mike twice today and call once…and each time he’s asleep! He must be on some good drugs. I just got off work a bit ago (worked downstairs 5-11am), so I’m not fully in the know.

I talked to his nurse in the middle of my shift and she said he’s staying another night. He has to get another enema, poor guy. (Sorry if that’s TMI!) His last one didn’t do too much. That’s one of the main things keeping him here, I’m guessing. Nothing in at least 1.5 weeks now. Ouch!

His endocrinologist (diabetic dr) left a message on my phone to call back while I was working. We’re now playing phone tag. He saw him this morning. The other day when he was in he mentioned a new study that just came across his desk last week…that I was researching online back in August (my mom found it because she’s an all-star)! How does he not know this? Maybe we should swap jobs. Check out the link above to see more about it. I don’t feel like re-typing that post! Anyhoo, I’m guessing the doc was calling me about that. I was supposed to call him the week because he wants to try to put Mike in the study and he couldn’t remember the parameters.

So. I’m about to head out of Mike’s temporary abode and see my little man for the first time today. (I miss him!) I’m picking him up at Grandma’s from his sleepover and dropping him at Nana’s for the afternoon. I have class from 2-4:30 (skipping the 1st one!), then I need to work on this annoying research paper that makes me want to cry every time I think of it… So not cool.

If you’re in the area this afternoon you should stop by and see Mike. Maybe call first, just in case he’s sleeping. Wouldn’t want you to waste your time! His cell’s dead, but his room # is 239-2394, room # 394. And don’t worry. It won’t wake him up if he’s sleeping. (At least it didn’t when I caled this morning.) It does help his attitude to talk to/see people, though.

Ok. I guess I’m going to go! Thanks again for all who have stopped by, taken my munckin, and prayed for us!


You know the verse about how faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain? Mike and I have learned the past few years that sometimes God purposefully puts mountains in the way. They make you grow. It’s like strength training to get up and over them. We’ve grown so much since all of this medical stuff began. We’ve grown closer to each other and closer to God. Church this weekend was a good reminder of all of that. You can listen to it online. It’s good.

We think Mike will probably get out of the hospital tomorrow. He’s feeling a bit better and had passed a little bit, but is still not feeling too hot. Still not back to his “crappy normal” as I like to call it. Because his normal and my normal are way different. (I would have no friends if I felt like he does all the time. I’m sure I’d be too grouchy and terrible!)

He got a very good night sleep (9 hours!) from the nausea meds they gave him. He’s sleeping again now. Ki is at my buddy Jess’ (thank you dear!) and I am going to keep watch and attempt to write a research paper. Gross. I think I have it the worst, right?

Thanks again for all your prayers!

P.S. As much as I know this is God’s plan and He takes care of us and we’ve grown so much…I wouldn’t mind it being over!