returning to the blog

It’s been almost a year since I last blogged. Ugh. I’ve been hesitant to share our life for the past two years since the whole being reported for neglect for Fent’s low weight. It’s taken me a while to “get over” it (although I suppose I’ll never FULLY be over it). Having a healthy 2-year-old helps.

So, my dear kids, I’m sorry that I have let that get in the way of writing down our memories. I don’t have Ki’s 7-year-old post or Ella’s 4-year-old post. Nothing about Fenton’s second birthday. No Ki-isms, Elle-isms or cute things Fenton said. Nothing about Paisley’s pregnancy. Aside from little tidbits on facebook and instagram, it’s unrecorded. We even lost our domain so links don’t work. Boo!

BUT that is going to change. Starting today. Today I get back to keeping track of our memories. Writing down the adorableness of my kiddos.

Month 15!

Fenton, you are such a funny little guy. We love you so much. I think you are going to be our little comedian. Here are some things about you at 15 months.

  • You are popping 6 teeth this month! Poor baby. All 4 molars and 2 more bottom teeth. You’re handling it pretty well, but oh so drooly.
  • You love dogs (dah! dah!) and balls (ball-bah!).
  • You give hugs and kisses.
  • You love to eat. You also love to throw your food on the floor.
  • You hit. You’re a stinker. When you don’t get your way you get a major attitude and throw a fit. It’s pretty ridiculous…and cute.
  • You Are a good little napper. You wake up about 7/8 and nap for two hours at 9 or 10. Then you take another 2ish hour nap in the afternoon. You go to bed about 7/8 and wake up around midnight and one other time in the night…but you recently got booted from our room and we are dropping that early morning feeding. Momma needs sleep!
  • You love your ni-night. You grab it and stand up waiting to be picked up out of your bed.
  • You are OBSESSED with your plug. Obsessed. You love having one in your mouth and one in a hand. When you’re going to sleep, you stick your pointer finger in your plug. You have a dog Wubbanub coming in the mail…and you’re going to freak out when it arrives. Two of your fav’s.
  • You love my water m ore than your own – even if your cup has a straw, too. You’ll probably be the healthiest kid because you are always snitching my water with oils in it.
  • You love doing somersaults. You stand and then bend and put your head on the ground and wait for someone to roll you over.
  • You Love going for bike rides and will stand at my bike and holler until I take you. But you don’t like wearing your helmet. 😉

This little ditty called life…

So if figured I should update this severely neglected blog. I think this is the worst I’ve ever don on blogging. Poor Fent-Fry and his lack of updates. I have one in the works though! Anyhow…

We moved the beginning of July into a lovely duplex. We have an awesome open area for our yard and a deck. We love it.

I started working at the hospital again in May. Mike hasn’t been feeling well for a while now and we needed some reliable income. I worked my way into a part time evening position. Right now I’m working pretty much full time because there’s an open position, so I’m getting hours while I can. I’m doing ER registration. So say it has opened my eyes to a whole new culture in the area is an understatement. Always entertaining…

Ki started first grade almost two weeks ago! Where has the time gone? He is SUCH a sweet, loving big brother. He often shares and encourages his little sis and bro. He likes to wake up early so he can get a little screen time. Ha. He is a great reader and is working through a book about Pocahontas for school, reading his daily chapter as fast a possible so he can get to his preferred books.

Ella started writing her name this week! She wants to start school, too. She is getting into all things girly and loves pink and purple. She likes wearing dress up clothes and skirts and dresses. She’s my little snuggle bug.

Fenty is our little goof. Always trying to get a laugh and keep up with his big bro and sis. He’ll get a better update later.

We’ve been having frustrating times with Mike’s disability. They seem to think they overpaid us last year and not paying us until next summer would be a good way to get it back. So. That’s awesome. And not stressful at all. (AKA more forms to fill out.) We are also looking for a new insulin pump supplier because ours got tired of fighting insurance and their ever changing rules. He’s currently doing injections again and I’m hoping and praying it doesn’t land him back in the hospital. His body just functions so much better with that steady drip of insulin. We will see what he ends up with pump wise. We’ve also been checking out diabetic aid dogs. Man, those things are pricey! Mike is also starting to use oils a bit more. Which reminds me…

I’m into essential oils. Like in love. I signed up with Young Living to get a discount because I was tired of being at a loss with Mike and meds. So he’s starting to use them a bit. Praying they will help his health! I love them so much I’ve started selling them, too. So. If you ever want to try them out, hit me up!

As you can imagine, I’m kind of busy. And I miss my friends. We’ve been doing school in the morning and have naps in the afternoon and I often head to work during naps, so I am going through withdrawal. Anyhoo… That’s the deal around here.

My sweet little man

Ki has such a generous, soft heart. I love it. This week church is having ‘D6 Weekdays’ – like VBS. When I picked him up the first day, he had a hand that said ‘Childrens’ Ibuprofen’ on it. He was asking his teacher for another hand. She told him to tell me about it and tomorrow we could see. They are collecting medicine to send to missionaries in Guatemala. The next day, his teacher told me that after they explained it they asked if anyone was willing to help buy medicine for them. She said Ki immediately raised his hand. And then he wanted each kind of hand. (There are multiple medicines they’re collecting.)

I LOVE that he wants to help people. To be generous. Love it. This past winter when they talked about Operation Christmas Child boxes he nagged me about picking up a box. Then when we got that, he nagged me about getting the stuff for inside it. He was SO excited! I adore that about my boy. And I hope it never changes and that he continues to want to bless people who have less than us.

I love you, Ki! You are an awesome young man!
Love, Mom

Elle-isms (28th ed.)

Ella has been so funny lately! I love it. I need to get better at writing her things down so she can have a book one day too.

“Boys like cool sings and geals like pretty sings.”

Ella: Mom, I don’t want pizza for dinner!
Mom: Really? What sounds good to you?
Ella: I want a lah-tay.
Mom: A girl after my own heart. I know what you mean, Ella.
Ella: Can I have a lah-tay for dinner, Mom? That’s what I really want.
(She is talking about a puppy latte – a dixie cup of whipped cream. Yum!)