We’re home

As you have probably noticed, we’re not on Blogger anymore. I’ve moved us to thosewandlings.com using WordPress for the CMS (that’s different than having a wordpress.com blog). Everything you see here is on thosewandlings.com. Using WordPress gives us control over anything and everything. This is my first WP site though, so we’re still figuring it out. So, if you see something wrong, please tell us, or even if you think something is missing or could be better. Next up for WP, mike.thosewandlings.com.

35 weeks!

(Plus 1 day for the picture, and 2 days for the post…)
As I write this post, your brother is in his room making gun noises. He’s supposed to be napping. Your Dad’s at the store saving my bum and getting me some last minute ingredients…and hopefully bring us an M & M McFlurry. Yum! Just keeping it real…
You are finally making my belly bigger! Hopefully people will stop bugging me about having a small belly now. You move a TON. It kind of worries me, because you move more than Ki did and he’s a crazy goober. We only gained 1 lb in the past 2 weeks, so that’s grand! We went a bit crazy in the middle there, so small is good for now. So far, I’m up 30 lbs. With Ki I think I gained about 28-30lbs total.
Here we are:

And me & Ki, for comparison (before the camera went fuzzy):

I’ve been finding some sweet deals on clothes for you and even attempted sewing you a skirt so you’re not completely dressed in blue and green and yellow. :) Either way, you’ll be cute.
P.S. Please feel free to come a bit early. I’m excited to meet you!

dinosaurs and paintings

Last night I was talking to Mike as he sat on the couch. Mid sentence, I happened to look up at my painting. My painting I bought from a street vendor in Haiti in 2002, while visiting Mandi. My painting that I carefully carried back, rolled up, on the airplane. My painting that I spent $300 to have re-stretched and framed (and that was with the 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon). I love it. It is one of my favorite material possessions. There was red crayon ALL over the bottom. I can only assume it is dinosaurs.

I was so upset! I really hope Ki didn’t ruin it. I will be ordering some wipes on Monday to try to gently clean it. Meanwhile, I wasn’t quite sure how to handle it with Ki. He was asleep. Would he remember it from the morning before? (I’m assuming it happened while I was at work yesterday morning.) What kind of punishment does this action deserve?

This morning we were hanging out and he excitedly pointed at the painting and said, “Look what I did!” So we had a talk about how sad it made me feel. He felt really bad. His sweet little face dropped and I could tell he was honestly upset at his actions. He apologized without me even bringing it up and hugged me. Then he talked about how he should only color on paper. I agreed. No coloring on walls or paintings! Only paper. I think he still feels bad. He came up a bit ago and apologized again for coloring on my painting and gave me a big hug.
He is so sweet! Does he even need parents? Because he pretty much handled this one on his own. Here’s hoping that darn crayon comes off!

33 weeks!

Apparently it’s now the cool thing to do to join me in belly shots. Ki saw I was about to take one and booked it over.

So we had to show Mike because it was funny… Who also decided to ambush the next one. (He was sad he got cut off.)
Aaaand the next one. I knew he was doing something back there, but wasn’t quite sure what.
I just hope Ella takes after me. It’d be nice to have another normal person in the house.

30 Weeks

I’m getting near the end of my pregnancy! I’m excited for my little girl. We’re ready to snuggle her. Two weeks ago she was sideways. This past weekend she moved a TON (so much so it was painful at times). I was convinced she was now head down because of the amount of movement, and the new places I was feeling it. I was right! We had our 30 week appointment today and she’s right on track and now head down. (So weird that I’m already going every 2 weeks!)
While I am excited about my girl, it also feels kind of bittersweet. My sweet sis-in-law and brother lost their baby boy this past week and every time she moves it just reminds me of their loss and I feel guilty that my baby is fine and theirs isn’t. And maybe it’s all me being a nut, but I don’t really want to be around them because I just feel like seeing me will remind them and make it harder. I don’t know. The good thing is that I know my precious nephew is in heaven with Jesus, not in any pain and will never have to suffer this world.
Anyway, I have some comparison pictures to post. Everyone keeps telling me I’m small (it’s getting super old). I think I look like I did about a month earlier with Ki. See for yourself (I even wore the same shirt). Also, my self timer seems to suck. They’re always blurry, but other pics are fine. It’s odd.
The first one’s with Ki…obviously.

I had to put in all 3 from this week because Ki’s such a goofball! He told me what he was planning on doing before each picture.